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Case Study: Bartlett Bearing Company Integrates Their Payments With Their Iptor ERP

By August 18, 2021April 15th, 2022No Comments

Bartlett Bearing Company – a leading distributor of bearings and repair parts – needed a way to process transactions within their Iptor ERP. With the majority of their orders coming over the phone and by email, they needed a secure way to process card-not-present payments. And, with a small in-house IT team, they needed a way to avoid the time-consuming PCI SAQ D, without compromising the security of their customers’ card data.

“The first time we looked at that long questionnaire, we knew we wanted to avoid it…Curbstone has made it very easy to get on the path to PCI compliance.” – Cody Jackson, Senior Helpdesk Specialist

Find out how Curbstone’s integrated payments helped Bartlett Bearing process transactions within their ERP, while streamlining their compliance reporting requirements.