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Payment Processing for Retailers

Easily process credit and debit card payments across all your retail channels

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Fast, Secure Payment Processing for Retailers

Wherever you sell your products – online, over the phone, by mail, or in person – give your customers fast and secure ways to pay. Take payments on your e-commerce platform with a digital wallet, or get real-time authorizations on EMV terminals in your brick-and-mortar stores. Complete mail and phone orders in your call centers or back office, or process instant payments within a mobile app. Seamless integration with your existing applications brings all your processes together for faster, more efficient payments.

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Seamless, Real-Time Integration With Your Sales, Order Entry, Inventory, and Accounting Software

Keep your existing business processes; add payments anywhere you need them.
Building payments into your current applications – from your order entry or sales platforms to your inventory or logistics systems – lets you do more with the software you already use. Whether you’re running a commercial ERP package or custom-built RPG applications on your IBM i, Curbstone helps you natively process credit and debit card payments.

Integrated Credit and Debit Card Processing for Retailers
Retail Transactions

Full Support for All of Your Retail Transactions

We’ve worked with some of the nation’s largest retailers; each one uses our payment processing technologies in different ways. We’ll help you find the most efficient option for your sales, returns, and refunds.

Whether you need a simple way to process one-time purchases or a more custom solution for recurring subscriptions, our technologies can suit the unique needs of your retail business. With more flexibility than a traditional payment gateway, Curbstone works to accommodate your transactions – not the other way around.

Reduce the Cost of B2B Transactions

Sell your products to other businesses? Reduce your payment processing costs when customers pay with a corporate purchasing card. Full support for Level II and Level III transactions lets you complete the necessary steps to qualify for the lowest rates.

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Reduce the Burden of PCI Compliance

Security is crucial – but you don’t have un-ending resources for complex compliance efforts. Move sensitive payment data off your systems, in turn reducing the scope of your PCI compliance reports. With Curbstone processing your payments, you can meet your security requirements with a shorter, less complicated audit – which means more time to spend on other projects.

Find out how to simplify PCI compliance.

PCI Compliance for Retailers

Discover the Retail Industry’s Best Practices for Payments

With more than 20 years of experience in the payments industry, we’ve help some of the most successful retailers improve their transactions. Whether you need help reducing your payment processing costs, defending your business from chargebacks, or spending less time on daily settlements, we’re here to help you improve your operations. Our US-based support team is here 24/7 to answer your questions and keep your payments platform up and running.

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