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Embedded Business Payments

Embed credit and debit card processing directly into your IBM-i based ERP system, order entry application, or back-office business software.

Discover Embedded Business Payments

Your customers already rely on your software to run their business.

If you don’t provide payment processing as a built-in option, those customers have to look elsewhere.
Why risk losing revenue – or market share – to other solution vendors?

Embed Payment Capabilities Into Your Software

We get it. Building a payments application isn’t easy.

We’ve spent decades building our credit and debit card processing solutions, and we’re continually developing new features, such as email- and text-based payment links. We know firsthand just how much time – and how many costly programming resources – it takes.

Why not take advantage of the work we’ve already done? Start with the foundation we’ve already built, then embed our credit and debit card processing functionality into your existing platform. (Because our solutions are specifically built to use with applications that run on the IBM i, we already speak the same language. Embedding business payments into your software is comparatively simple with RPG-based APIs.)

With a multi-tenant SaaS approach, you don’t have to turn around and build a custom integration for every single customer who wants to accept payments within your software. Build it once and “flip on a switch” for every customer who wants to come on board; it’s that easy. From there, they can process business payments with 1-2 clicks inside of your existing modules.

Programming a Real-Time Payment Integration

Make Your Software Stickier

It’s every software company’s goal: develop a product that your customers just can’t live without.

If they’re already processing payments (which they are), why not make your software the one-stop-shop for their transactions? They can tie their customers’ credit and debit card records directly to the corresponding order (which they’re already creating in your platform), making their lives much easier. With a faster, easier end user experience, you make your software much more valuable for their business.

Deliver More Value Than Your Competitors

As more ISVs build credit card processing into their product offering, it becomes more and more crucial to keep pace. Stop losing deals to competitors who already have built-in credit card functionality; embedded business payments let you win more deals and compete in a crowded software marketplace.

Deliver More Value Than Your Competitors
Security and Compliance for Embedded Payments

Simplify Compliance

When you process, store, or transmit credit card data, you have to make sure you’re doing so in a PCI-compliant way.

Here too, you can take advantage of the work that Curbstone has already done. As a PCI-Validated Level 1 Service Provider, we’ve already built best-in-class security measures (such as remote tokenization) into our credit card processing technologies. You don’t have to start from scratch. You can assure your customers that you’re using proven methods of securing their cardholder data, and in turn help them reduce their compliance requirements as a merchant. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Increase Revenue

Embedding business payments into your software allows you to open up a new revenue stream.

A recent study from Simon-Kucher and Partners shows the long-term increase in revenue (both from subscriptions and payments) for merchants who embed payments into their business software. After two years, payments-related revenue outpaced software revenue – with even more growth in months 25+.

Instead of relying on net-new licenses and subscriptions to hit your targets, you can accelerate your growth with additional payments-related revenue.

Reliability You'll be Proud to Attach Your Name To

When you introduce a new product offering, it needs to be something you’re proud to put your name behind. Curbstone’s embedded business payments offer you a worry-free solution. Our proven credit and debit card processing technologies deliver reliable uptime rates (99.996%), which means your customers won’t be left stranded. And, our US-based support team provides a 30-minute callback window 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You’re working with a proven partner who will go above and beyond to keep your customers happy.

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