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Payment Processing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Seamlessly process credit and debit card payments in your pharmaceutical distribution software.

Discover Integrated Pharma Payments

Fast, Secure Payment Processing

Collect payments over the phone, online, and in person. With full support for retail EMV, MOTO, and e-commerce transactions, Curbstone lets you easily process payments from drug wholesalers, pharmacies, and even consumers.

One platform gives you everything you need to validate, authorize, settle, and report on your credit and debit card payments. You maintain full control over when – and how – you process your transactions.

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Seamless, Real-Time Integration With Your Pharmaceutical Software

Curbstone offers real-time integration with any application that runs on the IBM i – from commercial ERP systems to house-built applications. No more duplicate data entry or manual settlements; your entire payment process becomes faster and less complicated.

Credit and Debit Card Processing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Curbstone for Iptor Pharma

If you run your business on Iptor Pharma, our native integration lets you process payments in your familiar Iptor applications. The out-of-the-box solution lets you start processing payments right away; there’s no need for a custom implementation.

Other Pharmaceutical Integrations

If you use a different back-office software system – be it a commercial ERP or a combination of home-grown applications, integrate our technologies with your existing programs for seamless payment processing. RPG-native APIs simplify and automate the process.

Flexible Technologies for Complex Pharmaceutical Transactions

The dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry means that transactions are rarely simple. You need a payment processing solution that’s flexible enough to accommodate unique needs, such as dynamic pricing and customer rebates.

With Curbstone, you can process transactions however you need. We support unique pharmaceutical payment requirements, without making you change your existing processes.

Reduce the Burdens of Security and PCI Compliance

Between FDA requirements and state-specific legislation, you have enough to worry about when it comes to compliance. Payment security and PCI audits shouldn’t be on your list of things to worry about.

While your team focuses on your product – and your customers – we focus on data security. As a PCI-validated Level 1 Service Provider, we provide secure technologies that prevent sensitive payment data from being stored, processed, or transmitted on your systems. Built around the concept of Remote Tokenization, you keep cardholder data out of your environment, while storing the information you need for recurring transactions. This reduces your PCI scope and helps you qualify for a shorter, less complicated audit.

PCI Compliance Audit Pharmaceuticals

Defend Your Business from Chargebacks

Chargebacks and rebate abuse cost the pharmaceutical industry more than $15 billion in bottom-line revenue every year.

While it’s not possible to stop chargebacks entirely, you don’t have to accept the lost revenue as a cost of doing business. Curbstone makes it easy to collect, store, and retrieve cardholder authentication data. If a customer files a chargeback, you can provide this evidence in the event of a claim.

Faster, Easier Payment Processing for The Pharmaceutical Industry

Whether you're a large distributor or a small startup, we'll help you streamline your approach to payments. Contact us today to learn more about faster, easier transactions:

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