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Email Payments

Send your customers secure credit card payment links that they can complete on their own time. It’s convenient for them, which means a faster order to cash cycle for you.

Discover Email Payments

Email Invoices Directly to Your Customer’s Inbox

Let customers pay for goods or services on their own time – on any device – without having to call customer service or ask their Accounts Payable team to cut a paper check. Instead, set up an online invoice with all the relevant details: invoice number, item description, quantity, and amount. Generate a link and email it directly to the customer. All they have to do is click the link, enter their credit card details, and hit submit.

Convenient Online Checkout - Even If You Don't Have an e-Commerce Store

Email payments are fast and easy for your customers – and for you as a merchant.

  • There’s no need for custom coding. Everyone from your sales reps to your customer care team can create and email invoices in seconds.
  • Customers can pay on any device with a web browser. They don’t have to create an account or remember a password.
  • Customers can pay your email invoices at any time – even outside of business hours.
  • Landing pages are independently hosted. You don’t have to have an online store or e-commerce platform to create and send online email payments.
  • After the invoice is paid, transaction data is synced with your order entry system or ERP. Seamless integration means less manual data entry, better accuracy, and consolidated reporting.
How Email Payments Can Reduce Unpaid Invoices & Speed Up Your Order to Cash Cycle

Fully Branded Payment Landing Pages

Tailor your URL to the look and feel of your business. Easily create customized landing pages that include your logo, colors, and other creative assets. Reinforce your branding while assuring customers that your payment request came directly from you.

Call Center Voice Scope Elimination with IVR

Secure Your Customers’ Data and Spend Less Time on Compliance

When your customers enter their card data, it goes directly from the Payment Landing Page to Curbstone’s secure portal. You don’t process, store, or transmit that data on your own system – which means fewer risks and a reduced scope for PCI compliance.

Get Started with Fast, Secure Email Payments

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