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URL Payment Links

Give your customers more convenient ways to pay. Send mobile payment links via email or SMS text message; customers can submit their payment on your secure landing page.

Discover URL Payment Links

Your customers want the convenience of online purchases, but it takes considerable resources to set up and maintain an online store.

With Curbstone’s URL Payment Links (UPL), you can accept online payments without a traditional e-commerce setup.

URL Payment Links let you send email- or text-based payment requests. Each request contains a URL that’s specific to a single transaction. Your customer clicks the link and arrives at a web-based payment page. They enter their credit or debit card information on Curbstone’s secure portal; our payment processing platform takes care of the rest. Consider it an integrated approach to online invoicing.

Pay by Link Via Email

Pay by Link via Email

Email your customers an invoice or statement with a “pay now” button or link. Send to any email address – whether personal or business – from your existing email service provider.

Pay by Link Via SMS Text

Pay by Link via Text

Text payment links to your customers’ mobile devices. They tap the link and are sent to a responsive checkout page where they can pay from their phone or tablet.

URL Payment Links let your customers check out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on any device with a web browser. They don’t have to register or create an account to view the payment page or complete their transaction; you make remote payments truly seamless.

Configurable Online Payment Links to Support All the Ways Your Customers Pay

Send invoices any way you need to - on any schedule. Break payments into installments, send automatic reminders, create recurring invoices, and more. You enter the payment amount, invoice number, and item description; our payment link generator gives you a shortened URL to embed and send directly to the customer.

No Code Payment Landing Pages

No HTML or Custom Coding Required

You don’t need a specialized team of coders to manage online payment requests. Curbstone’s URL payment links make it easy for non-programmers – including your sales and customer service teams – to create and share invoices.

Fully Branded Payment Landing Pages

Tailor your URL to the look and feel of your business. Easily create customized landing pages that include your logo, colors, and other creative assets. Reinforce your branding while assuring customers that your payment request came directly from you.

Call Center Voice Scope Elimination with IVR
Online Payment Links

A Faster, Easier Payment Experience For Your Customers

Speed up online checkout. When customers click your link and arrive on your payment page, the transaction information is immediately available for review. They confirm the transaction details, enter their card details or choose a card on file, and click a button to submit payment. Authorization occurs in seconds.

On the back end, our software generates a Remote Token that is instantly usable on your ERP system. The entire transaction data set is immediately available in your order entry and fulfillment applications; you can start processing each order right away.

PCI-Compliant Online Payment Processing

Maintain the high privacy and security standards that your customers have come to expect when shopping online. Customers enter their own information on a virtual payment terminal, which sends the card data for authorization through a secure portal. Sensitive card data is not processed or stored on your system. You provide a higher level of protection against threats, while reducing your obligations for PCI security reporting and audits.

Modernize Your Business With Innovative Payment Processing Technologies

Ready to introduce more convenient, modern ways for your customers to pay?

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