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Russell Gilmer

Director of Operations

Russell Gilmer is the Director of Operations for Curbstone, overseeing Sales, Customer Care, and Infrastructure. His focus is on customer success, partner relationships, and business development. Russell has a deep knowledge of the AS/400 / IBM i ecosystem and its unique challenges. He has spent nearly a decade helping customers optimize their fee structures and payment processing workflows. He works hand-in-hand with Curbstone’s internal development team to advance the product roadmap, along with third-party partners who contribute to Curbstone’s industry-leading customer experience.

Alan O'Guin Curbstone

Alan O'Guin

Product Manager

Alan has 25 years of experience working with (and on!) the IBM i / iSeries platform - both as a solutions provider and as an end user. In his 10+ years with Curbstone, he has led a variety of efforts related to development, project management, and quality assurance. He now leads the development of the Curbstone SaaS platform and serves as a subject matter expert for all things IPT, IVR, and PLP. He has shepherded the Curbstone platform through multiple certifications, new feature rollouts, and compliance mandates and continues to ensure that customers have access to the most robust, secure credit card processing solutions. Alan is also PCI-Certified as a Qualified Integrator/Reseller (QIR).

Ryan Nichols Curbstone 2023

Ryan Nichols

IT Operations Manager

With 10+ years in the Information Security space, Ryan Nichols has a vast knowledge of credit card payment security and the PCI Data Security Standard. He is a PCI-Certified Qualified Integrator/Reseller (QIR) and a Certified Payment Security Practitioner (CPSP). In his time with Curbstone, Ryan has served as Infrastructure Technician, Security Compliance Manager, Operations Manager, and Chief Security Officer. He currently oversees all IT-related matters for Curbstone, including maturing the security program, managing the Cardholder Data Environment, and managing all security audits.

Vito Mangiaracina

Project Manager

In his role as Project Manager, Vito Mangiaracina leads Customer Service and Support at Curbstone. He brings 34 years of experience in programming, customer service, and consulting, with a detailed understanding of configuration setup, testing, delivery, and product implementation. In his 16 years at Curbstone, he has led hundreds of customer implementations, while managing the 24x7x365 customer service program. His degree in Computer Information Science and his extensive customer service experience, paired with his knowledge of the IBM i environment, lets him seamlessly navigate the implementation and go-live process for Curbstone customers. Vito is PCI-Certified as a Qualified Integrator/Reseller (QIR).