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Omni Channel Payments

Manage all your payments – online, in person, over the phone, and by mail – on one convenient platform.

Discover Omni-Channel Payment Processing

Bring together all your transactions - across all your sales channels - for a seamless merchant experience.

Give your customers multiple convenient ways to pay – and manage them in one place. Curbstone gives you all the technologies for need for online/e-commerce payments, MOTO (mail order/telephone order) payments, in-person/retail payments, and even email/text-based payment links. With fast and secure payment acceptance solutions for credit cards, debit cards, and even alternative digital methods like Apple Pay, you can easily accommodate all the ways – and all the places – you do business.

Virtual Terminals

Credit Card Readers

Online Shopping Carts

Text and Email Invoices

Programming a Real-Time Payment Integration

Integrate Once. Transact Anywhere.

Seamlessly integrate Curbstone’s omni-channel payments solutions with the other applications you run on your IBM i. Whether you use a commercial ERP system, a custom order entry/financials application, or a combination of technologies, you can easily add credit card processing functionality to the systems you already use – and the workflows you already have in place. Your call center employees, cashiers, and customer service agents don’t have to learn an entirely system, and your programmers don’t have to learn a whole new language. It’s easier every way you look at it.

Consolidated Reporting

Give your accounting and finance teams the tools they need to connect the dots. Keep all your data – and all your reporting – in one place.

Deliver More Value Than Your Competitors
Consistent Branding

Consistent Branding

Display your logo on your credit card terminal screens; carry that same branding through to your e-commerce pages and payment links. It all adds up for a seamless customer experience.

Omni-Channel Tokenization Delivers Secure Omni-Channel Payments

When a customer first buys from your business, generate a secure, unencryptable token that you can use for future charges. (This is much more secure than storing the original card data on your system.) When the customer comes back to make another purchase, they don’t have to re-enter all their information. They select a previously used payment method from their digital wallet; you use the token to run the charge.

Omni-channel tokenization lets you simplify this process across all your sales channels. If the customer made their first purchase in a brick-and-mortar retail setting but wants to authorize their next payment over the phone, you can easily do so; the same applies for any other combination. No more re-keying credit card data for recurring purchases and far fewer abandoned carts – just fast, easy transactions for you and your customers.

Learn more about omni-channel tokenization.

Omni-Channel Tokenization

More Opportunities to Make the Sale – Fewer Requirements for PCI Compliance

When you process, store, or transmit cardholder data on your systems, you’re responsible for reporting on the security measures you have in place to protect those systems from unauthorized access. The more places you touch that data – e.g., through an online shopping cart and web server, physical credit card terminals, and virtual payment terminals – the larger your scope. However, with Curbstone’s omni-channel payments platform, you’re able to reduce that scope – even if you process cardholder data in multiple places.

See how omni-channel payment processing with Curbstone can reduce your PCI scope.

Comprehensive Guidance for Your Entire Payments Program

We get it – payments can be complicated. But you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Whether you need best practices for reducing fees on your card-present transactions, recommendations for preventing card-not-present chargebacks, troubleshooting support (even if the issue is with your acquirer, bank, or POS system!), or anything else – we’re here to help. Curbstone helps you develop a best-in-class omni-channel payments program at every step of the way.

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