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Online Payment Processing

Process online payments on your website or smartphone app, using any programmable e-commerce shopping application.

Discover Our Technologies for Online Payments

Accept Credit and Debit Card Payments Online

Today’s customers expect fast – and convenient – payment options. E-commerce continues to grow in popularity – and if you’re not able to accept credit or debit card payments online, you’re missing out on revenue.

Curbstone makes online payment processing simple. Our Web Services Suite provides a flexible API toolkit for all servers. You can use iFrames or full-page payment screens in your online shopping cart. Our Data Structure Interface and REST-like web services API gives any operating system, platform, or language complete access to all Curbstone functionality.

Online Payment Processing

No online store? No problem. Curbstone’s URL Payment Links (UPL) let you create electronic invoices that include short payment links. Text or email these invoices to your customers; they can click the link and enter their card information using any device with a web browser. Our online payment portal takes care of the rest.

Fast Online Checkout Technologies

Deliver a Fast, Consistent Online Checkout Experience

Provide the fast online shopping experience your customers expect. Receive authorizations in two seconds or less.

Create Branded Checkout Pages

Embed our iFrame into your own web page for seamless presentation; use CSS and custom text labels to customize the appearance.

Custom Branded Checkout Pages

Let Customers Store Their Payment Cards in a Digital Wallet

Make repeat purchases easy for returning customers. With card-on-file payments, your customers can save one or more payment methods in a secure digital wallet. They can select a previously used card each time they make a purchase; they won’t have to re-enter their card for each transaction. A better experience for your customers means more sales for you.

Cybersecurity for Payments

Protect Cardholder Data from Cyber Threats

Create a secure online shopping experience. When a customer makes an online payment, their cardholder data goes directly from their web browser to the Curbstone Portal. It’s stored in a secure vault – not on your network. The only thing that’s stored on your system is an unencryptable Remote Token.

You don’t process, store, or transmit cardholder data on your system, which keeps your computing environment out of scope for PCI. This lets you reduce risk while saving time on – or completely eliminating – the burden of compliance audits and reporting.

As part of our commitment to making compliance easier for you, we’re continually working behind the scenes to keep your customers’ data secure. As a PCI-Validated “Level 1 Service Provider”, we use industry best practices for secure online payments and are annually audited by a Qualified Security Assessor. You – and your customers – can trust that cardholder data is protected.

Full Support for All Web Servers, Languages, and Operating Systems

No platform limitations. Curbstone e-commerce payment APIs works with all web servers running programmable shopping carts, integrating to applications on Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM i, and other operating systems.

If you use an IBM Power System running on an IBM i operating system (iSeries or AS/400), we provide a seamless, native integration between your RPG-based applications and your e-commerce platform.

Payment Integration Support

Easy Implementation. Best-in-Class Reliability.

Whether you’re migrating from an existing e-commerce payment platform or launching an online store for the first time, we take the stress out of implementation. Comprehensive support – at no added cost – ensures you have all the resources you need to streamline your online payments. A dedicated Project Manager, an online Support Center, and 24x7 support ensure efficient and timely integration, testing, and go-live.

“On our go-live day, we had our company ready at the helm for any unanticipated issues. By mid-day, I had people question if we even launched anything new – it went that smoothly.” – Geiger

Online Sales, Meet In Person Sales

Our payment processing technologies are designed for use across multiple channels; you can easily manage payments for retail, mail orders, phone orders, and online transactions in the same place. Choose the technologies you need now for your current business model, then add new functionality as your company grows.

Retail Transaction Processing

A Better Online Payment Company

Find out why our technologies are trusted by hundreds of companies – from small e-commerce merchants to large wholesale distributors.

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