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Payment Tokenization

Keep your customers’ cards on file – without keeping payment data on your system. Remote Tokens replace card numbers and account numbers; you don’t have to process, store, or transmit sensitive data in your environment.

Learn How to Tokenize Your Data

Protect Your Customers' Credit Card Data

Payment tokenization replaces your customers’ sensitive credit card data with unrelated, unencryptable placeholder data. The token cannot be used to obtain the customer’s original payment information, providing a higher level of security than reversible encryption. Meanwhile, your tokens give you everything you need to process card-on-file payments or issue refunds.

Secure Credit and Debit Card Tokenization

Enhance Your Security with Remote Tokenization

Curbstone uses Remote Tokenization – a unique approach in which card numbers (PANs) and security codes never touch your system. All you keep in your environment is the placeholder data; your customers’ data is stored in a secure vault on the Curbstone Portal. It’s never stored, processed, or transmitted in your environment. Meanwhile, the tokenization process occurs in real time behind-the-scenes.

  • Payment data is sent directly from your customers to the Curbstone Portal.
  • The Curbstone Portal passes the payment data to the payment network.
  • Curbstone converts the card data into a secure payment token. We send this token back to you for future transactions.
  • The card data remains securely stored in our vault.
Simplify PCI Compliance

Simplify PCI Compliance

With Remote Tokenization keeping card data from touching your system, you can take most – if not all – of your existing infrastructure out of scope for PCI reporting and audits. This can help you qualify for shorter, less time-consuming Self-Assessment Questionnaires.

Find Out Which Parts of Your Computing Environment Curbstone Can Take Out of Scope for PCI Audits

Even though you get to spend less time on security reporting and compliance, you still provide a higher level of protection for your customers’ data. Payment card tokenization reduces the chances of your data being breached. Even in the unlikely event that the token is accessed, there’s no way for the secure identifier to be used to retrieve the original payment card number. The token itself cannot be unencrypted. You – and your customers – have less to worry about.  

Re-Use Stored Cards for Recurring Transactions

Streamline recurring transactions everywhere you do business: in person (using an EMV terminal), online, over the phone, or by mail. Any time a customer makes another purchase, they can select a previously used card without having to re-enter their data. It’s an easy way to provide secure one-click (or zero-click!) payments for subscriptions, installments, and other card-on-file transactions.

Reuse Stored Cards for Recurring Transactions
One Token Any Transaction

One Token. Any Transaction.

Once a token has been created, it can be used for any future transaction – in any format – and they never expire. (Our rollover process lets you refresh tokens at the end of their prescribed life span, allowing you to use it indefinitely.) Once written to the Curbstone Wallet File, each token is immediately available in your IBM i-based order entry application. This process occurs in real time.

Multiple Tokens for Multiple Payment Methods

Easily associate multiple tokens with the same account. Customers can keep multiple credit or debit cards on file in a secure digital wallet. Each time they check out, they can select the card they’d like to use for that specific transaction. You can update or delete tokens at any time.

Multiple Tokens Multiple Payment Methods

Retain Total Ownership of Your Data

If you move to a new Merchant Services Provider, you won’t lose your customers’ data. With Curbstone as your payment tokenization service provider, you retain total ownership of your information. While tokens can only be used within the Curbstone platform, you can request access to the original payment data at any time.

Learn More About Payment Tokenization

When you’re ready for a faster, more secure approach to payment processing, we’re here to help. Find out how payment tokenization can help you move sensitive credit and debit card data off your system:

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