Remote Payments

Your business isn’t limited to a single location. Give your team the tools they need to process payments anywhere – from your warehouse to a remote workspace.

When employees work from home or visit customers in the field, they need a secure way to process transactions on the go.

Our remote credit card processing technologies let you do business anywhere. Accept payments outside of the office, then make the information instantly available for further processing on your central business systems.

Processing Payments at Tradeshows

Mobile Payment Processing for Field Personnel

Visit customers in the field or accept payments at trade shows. No need for a third-party card reader or portable terminal; employees complete transactions on the Curbstone IPT technology, the same way they do in the office.

Remote Payment Processing WFH

Remote Credit Card Processing for Work-From-Home Employees

Give employees the flexibility to work from home, letting them process phone orders the same way they always have. Remote PC workstations never touch sensitive card data, and your representatives continue to receive authorizations in real time.

Mobile Payment Links

URL Payment Links for On-the-Go Customers

Your employees aren’t the only ones that are constantly on the go. Your customers need flexible payment options as well. URL Payment Links let you send mobile invoices via email or SMS text. Customers can click a link and enter their own credit card information on any browser.

Enhance the Security of Your Remote Transactions

Remote work introduces new vulnerabilities – but there’s an easier way to manage those security concerns. Curbstone’s technologies work wherever your team works, offloading the handling of sensitive card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes from your existing computing infrastructure. Take your remote workstations out of scope for PCI security reporting and audits, managing your payments without processing, transmitting, or storing card data on your own systems.

Don't limit your business to a single office.

Find out how simple it can be to process payments whenever – and wherever – you do business.

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