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Curbstone + Paragon

Seamlessly process credit and debit card payments in ParagonERP

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Curbstone’s payment integration for ParagonERP lets you easily process credit and debit card payments.


Give customers convenient ways to pay online, over the phone, by mail, or even in person – without changing your current workflows.

Paragon ERP Payment Processing

Seamless, Real-Time Integration

Process payments within your Paragon ERP, entering the transaction details as you normally would. Without leaving Paragon’s Order Management application, enter your customer’s card number, expiration date, and security code into Curbstone. Our portal transmits the data to the authorization network in real time, and you receive authorization in seconds. Order information is seamlessly updated in your applications.

Keep Cards on File for Recurring Purchases

Streamline recurring transactions with card-on-file payments. Let customers save one or more payment methods for future use, then easily run charges for future transactions. Remote tokenization gives you everything you need to charge a customer’s card on file, without saving the physical card data on your system.

Paragon Cards on File
Cybersecurity for Payments

Better Security and Easier PCI Compliance

No more cardholder data on your system means more protection for your customers – and easier PCI compliance for you. Take most – if not all – of your existing infrastructure out of scope for PCI reporting and audits. Spend less time on questionnaires and more time growing your business.

Full Support for All Your Transactions

With more functionality than a traditional payment gateway, Curbstone lets you process any type of transaction as part of any business process. Process one-time set-up charges and late fees or issue credits – all within your existing Paragon applications.

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Unlimited Operational and Technical Support

We’re here for you 24x7. Comprehensive support ensures convenient answers to any and all payment questions, both technical and operational. You get all the resources you need to keep your payment system up and running.

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