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Payment Processing for Colleges and Universities

Give your students a variety of ways to pay for their tuition, textbooks, and other on-campus purchases

Discover Integrated Payments

Easily process credit card or debit card payments at your college, university, or trade school.

One Solution for All the Ways Your Students Pay

Let students swipe their cards at a physical terminal, or let parents call in a payment over the phone. Send email- or text-based payment links, or build a checkout page on your online student portal. Every transaction is fast and secure.

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Simplify Billing for Tuition Payment Plans

Let students break their payments into monthly installments – without having to manually enter payment information for each individual transaction. Set the payment amount and billing cycle, then let cards on file take care of the rest.

Streamline Recurring Transactions

Process All Your Transactions on One Easy-to-Use Platform

Use the same payment processing technologies in your bursar’s office, bookstore, student health center, stadium, and dining hall. Manage all of your transactions on the same streamlined platform, with streamlined reporting for all of your campuses and transaction types.

Real-Time Integrations With your Higher Education Software

Process payments within the higher education software you already use. Whether you’re running a commercial ERP package or a custom-built RPG application, Curbstone lets you complete your transactions within your existing programs. You get real-time authorizations, faster processes, and less manual data entry.

Real Time Integrations with Higher Education Software
Deliver More Value Than Your Competitors

Simplify PCI Compliance

Your focus is education – not security and compliance. Our platform helps you remove sensitive data from your network, making it easier to comply with the Payment Card Industry’s security requirements. Your students’ information is better protected from threats, and your team can spend fewer internal resources on audits and reporting.

Find out how to simplify PCI compliance at your school.

Discover Our Payment Processing Technologies for Higher Education

We’re proud to provide payment processing technologies to some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. Join our customers in higher education and start streamlining your transactions:

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