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IBM i Payment Processing: Real-Time Integrations for Any Application on the iSeries (AS/400)

Easily process credit and debit card payments in your legacy applications.

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Curbstone’s payment integrations let you easily process credit and debit card transactions within your IBM i applications.


No more chasing data across multiple systems. Whether you use commercial ERP software or a custom solution, Curbstone makes payment processing simple.

You don’t have to change your processes for sales, order entry, or fulfillment. Instead, add payments to your existing workflows and save time on every transaction. Real-time authorization and automated daily batch settlement make payment processing faster and easier.

Payment Processing Software Built by IBM i Users, for IBM i Users

As an IBM Registered Business Partner, Curbstone focuses exclusively on the AS/400 (iSeries) and has done so for more than 20 years. Time-tested and trusted by hundreds of IBM-driven companies, our RPG-native payment solutions let you easily process credit and debit cards on your legacy technologies.

We speak your language – which gets you to your end goal more quickly. We don’t just hand you documentation and send you on your way. Curbstone knows the iSeries inside and out and will support you through your entire project.

Keep Sensitive Payment Data Off Your AS/400

Once you process a payment, your customer's data is sent to our secure portal. Curbstone transmits it directly to the authorization network.

You don’t process, store, or transmit payment data on your iSeries applications or web servers. This takes most – if not all – of your existing infrastructure out of scope for PCI compliance. Your team can avoid the longest, most complicated security questionnaires. At the same time, you're able to provide a higher level of security for your customers’ credit card data.

Spend Less Time on PCI Compliance

Payment Tokenization for the IBM iSeries

With Curbstone, you store secure remote tokens – not card numbers or security codes – on your iSeries. This lets you easily complete future transactions without having to manage sensitive data or the accompanying security risks.

Find out how payment tokenization can take your IBM i out of scope for PCI reporting and audits.

IBM i Tokenization

Full Support for All Your Transactions

Our IBM i payment technologies support all the ways you do business: over the phone, by mail, in person, and online. Whether you’re processing payments via EMV terminals in your retail stores, an online shopping cart on an e-commerce platform, or on a virtual terminal at a call center, Curbstone gives you all the tools you need to accept both card-present and card-not-present payments.

Unlimited Operational and Technical Support

Our IBM i-native payment processing technologies are designed to make integration simple – and our support team is here 24x7 to answer any technical or operational questions you may have. Whether your issue is with your bank, acquirer, authorization network, RPG program, or third-party provider, we’ll help you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

You retain full ownership of your data and can request it at any time.

Learn More about IBM i Series / System i / AS/400 Payment Processing

Find out why hundreds of businesses that run on the AS/400 use Curbstone for payment processing – and what our technologies can do for your business. Discover our integrated credit and debit card solutions:

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