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Payment Processing for the Rental Industry

Seamlessly process credit and debit card payments in your rental ERP.

Discover Integrated Rental Payments

Fast, Secure Payments for Rentals, Parts, and Services

Process payments at your rental counter, over the phone, and online. Curbstone’s transaction processing engine provides full support for retail EMV, phone and mail orders, and e-commerce transactions.

One platform gives you everything you need to ‘validate’, ‘authorize’, ‘flag to settle’, daily ‘settle’ and report on your credit and debit card payments. You maintain full control over when – and how – you process your transactions.

Seamless, Real-Time Integration With Your Rental Software

Curbstone offers real-time integration with any RPG program or programmable web application – from commercial software to custom-built apps. Receive authorization in seconds, making your processes faster and less complicated.

Rental Software Credit Card Payments

Integrate anywhere in your current workflow:

Order Entry - Deposits - Parts - Service - Rental - Cycle and Recurring Billing - Refunds - Payments on Account

Curbstone for InTempo Enterprise

If you run your rental business on InTempo Enterprise, our native integration processes payments directly in your familiar Enterprise screens. Our out-of-the-box solution lets you start processing payments right away; there’s no need for a custom implementation.

Curbstone for Other Rental Software

If you use a different rental solution – be it a commercial software package or a house-built ERP – running on IBM i, integrate our technologies with your core programs for seamless payment processing. RPG-native APIs simplify and automate the process.

Flexible Technologies for Complex Rental Transactions

Rental transactions aren’t like other retail purchases. You need payment processing that’s flexible enough to accommodate your business processes, such as recurring long-term rentals, cycle billing, and cash or terms customers.

With Curbstone, you can process transactions whenever – and however – you need. We support unique rental payment requirements within your existing workflows. Having worked with the nation’s leading rental companies, we’ve configured our technologies to accommodate many custom processes, including:

• Storing Cards on File
• Recurring Token-Based Payments
• One-Time Payments for Add-On Purchases
• Cycle Billing
• Issuing Credits and Refunds
• Cash Customers
• Up-Front Deposits

We’ll share best practices from our previous rental customers – along with our extensive experience in the payment industry. With unlimited technical and operational support, you’ll have all the resources you need to process payments quickly and efficiently.

Reduce the Burdens of Security and PCI Compliance

Running a rental business is tough. Security and compliance shouldn’t be another thing for you to worry about.

While your team focuses on rentals, we focus on security. Curbstone completes annual third-party security audits to maintain our PCI “Level 1 Service Provider” validation. Our technologies prevent sensitive payment data from being stored, processed, or transmitted by your systems, making your data less vulnerable. Instead, Remote Tokenization lets you store tokens that represent your customers’ card data in a local, digital wallet. Use this token to execute future transactions, reducing the amount of security auditing that you need to complete to meet PCI requirements and satisfy your acquirer.

secure e-wallet

Defend Your Business from Chargebacks

Our technologies help you defend your business from chargebacks. When you use our EMV retail technologies to process chip card or contactless payments at your rental counter, you reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions from counterfeit cards. Similarly, use all the security tools at your disposal – including security codes, account validation, and address verification – to strengthen your defense against chargebacks.

Learn More About Payment Technologies for The Rental Industry

We’ve worked with the nation’s leading rental organizations. Whether your rental fleet is a hundred units or hundreds of thousands, we’re here to make payment processing simple.
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