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Chargeback Defense For Credit Card Transactions

Fight fraudulent chargebacks and reduce lost revenue from invalid disputes. Get a detailed audit trail at any time.

For today's merchants, accepting credit cards is non-negotiable. However, it comes with a set of risks - including lost revenue from unjustified chargebacks.

Cardholders can dispute a transaction for any reason. They may claim that the product was damaged or defective or that they did not authorize the purchase. As the merchant, you must then prove that the payment was legitimate. Curbstone’s payment processing technologies include built-in best practices to provide evidence that your transactions were approved by the cardholder.

Chargebacks are rising by 20 percent each year.
86 percent of chargebacks are estimated to be friendly fraud.
The annual cost of fraudulent activity is expected to exceed $25 billion.

Your first line of defense against chargeback fraud? Your payment processing platform.

While fraudulent chargebacks can disrupt your business, you can reduce unnecessary losses with the proper evidence. Our credit card processing technologies deliver a higher level of defense against fraudulent chargebacks. You can reduce your risk of losses and protect your hard-earned revenue.

When you process a credit card payment, the Curbstone Portal processes the necessary cardholder authentication data, including the billing address, billing zip, security code, and cardholder name. Our back-end system retains the issuing bank response for that data. In the event of a chargeback investigation, you can provide this data as evidence.

Card Not Present Chargebacks

Chargeback protection for card-not-present transactions

Most chargebacks are filed on card-not-present transactions. This includes mail order, phone order, and e-commerce payments. When you can’t inspect a customer’s credit card at the time of purchase, Curbstone lets you collect and verify critical information for cardholder identification.

Learn more about preventing card-not-present fraud.

Chargeback protection for card-present transactions

While less common, customers can – and do – file chargebacks for face-to-face (card present) transactions. Curbstone provides full support for EMV (chip and signature) payments, allowing you to avoid the liabilities that come with counterfeit swiped or keyed transactions. We also provide recommendations for structuring your own card account data, such as ensuring a match between your business name and the way your name is displayed on a cardholder’s monthly statement, to further reduce the chance of card-present chargebacks.

Card Present Chargeback

Proactive Chargeback Management Strategies to Lower Your Processing Fees

Chargeback fraud isn’t just a problem for merchants. The dispute process takes up valuable resources for the card brands as well. As a result, most issuers charge lower fees for merchants that take appropriate steps to prevent chargebacks from occurring in the first place.

If your business model lets you process transactions on the same day that they are approved, you can avoid unnecessary downgrades. Curbstone’s Job Scheduler automatically submits your settlement batch at the end of each day and runs the appropriate reports. You settle more quickly, with no manual effort. Meanwhile, our Portal ensures that you correctly populate the required fields when you submit your transactions – reducing your processing fees even further.

Learn More About Chargeback Protection for Merchants

Our solutions aren’t just optimized for chargeback fraud prevention and defense. They’ll help you process credit card payments faster, more securely, and at a lower cost. You’ll deliver better checkout experiences to your customers, while protecting your organization from unnecessary disputes.

Discover a Faster and Safer Way to Process Your Transactions