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Curbstone + InTempo Enterprise

Seamlessly process credit and debit card payments in InTempo Enterprise.

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Curbstone, a leader in payment processing since 2002, has long been trusted by the top rental companies in the United States. Acquired by InTempo Software in 2020, Curbstone’s technologies are now seamlessly integrated with InTempo Enterprise.

With Curbstone’s embedded payment integration for InTempo, your rental business can process credit and debit card payments for phone orders, retail EMV orders, and e-commerce inside your InTempo Enterprise (RentalMan) software. Curbstone and InTempo worked together to integrate payment functions into your existing workflows.

You benefit from Curbstone’s Best Practices without having to change the processes you’ve already established in InTempo. Collect deposits for new reservations, process “card-on-file” payments for cycle billing, complete one-time purchases for add-ons, and handle all charges and credits – all in your InTempo rental ERP.

InTempo + Curbstone Real-Time Integration

Seamless, Real-Time Integration

Any time you create a charge, you’ll enter the required information in InTempo. Curbstone then accepts the card number, expiration date, and security code in a way that keeps the workstation or web server out of PCI scope.

For interactive charges, you’ll receive your response in seconds – without leaving your InTempo screen. Background charges – such as cycle billing – are completed automatically and instantly posted to the customer’s account.

Full Support for All Your Rental Transactions

With more functionality than a traditional payment gateway, Curbstone handles complex rental transactions without making you change your business processes. With full support for cash customers, cycle billing, card-on-file payments, and credits, easily accommodate all the ways your customers pay.

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InTempo Recurring Payments

Securely Process Recurring Payments

Curbstone’s Remote Tokens keep customer card data on file. Use it to process recurring purchases at any time – without your systems storing, touching, or transmitting sensitive card data.

If an existing customer needs to extend a rental or start a new one, you don’t have to re-key their data. Your customer doesn’t have to stop what they’re doing to provide their payment information; your Remote Token gives you everything you need to run the charge.

Streamline Cycle Billing

Apply charges on a weekly or monthly basis - whichever makes more sense for your business. Reduce manual work even further by automatically collecting payment at the end of the billing cycle.

Collect Payments on InTempo Invoices
InTempo Software Payment Processing

Update Deposits for Cash Customers

Easily control each step of the payment process. Configure the transaction types that you need and when they are used.

Let customers make cash deposits or payments – then update the deposit as needed. Take ongoing deposits without needing to have the customer provide their card information each time; with “cards-on-file”, just confirm with your customer the card they’d like to use and let them get back to their job.

Reduce the Burdens of PCI Compliance

Don’t spend your valuable time – and resources – on complex PCI security audits. As a PCI-Validated “Level 1 Service Provider”, Curbstone is annually validated to follow the Payment Card Industry’s Security Best Practices. Our technologies take control of the collection of the sensitive card data from your software and systems, taking the burden away from your rental business.

We provide the highest level of protection for your customers’ payment data. This starts when Curbstone technology takes your entire existing computing infrastructure “out of PCI scope”. Your existing computing systems no longer touch card data, but you still process real-time payments in your familiar RentalMan screens. Because your systems no longer touch the card data, you eliminate huge areas of vulnerability – and reduce your PCI audit level.

Unlimited Operational and Technical Support

24x7 support ensures convenient answers to any and all payment questions, both technical and operational. Comprehensive documentation and unlimited online/phone support give you all the resources you need to keep your payment system up and running.

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