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Retail Payment Processing

Provide a seamless in-store shopping experience. Speed up your card-present transactions and take your retail infrastructure out of scope for PCI audits.

Discover Our Retail Payment Processing Technologies

Streamlimed Technologies for All Your Retail Payments

Accept credit and debit card payments from all major card brands. Process contactless (tap) payments, EMV chip card inserts, standard magnetic stripe swipe payments, and manually keyed payments if a card cannot be read. With any card – accepted through any method – you can easily create a secure Remote Token to store for repeat purchases.

When you submit your retail transactions for processing, automatically structure them in a way that helps you qualify for the best possible rates. Whether your customers use a personal debit card or a Corporate Purchasing Card, you get to keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Card Present Transaction Processing

In-Person Payments Outside Your Retail Store

Process in-person payments outside your retail store locations. Accept payments upon delivery, at tradeshows, or at a customer’s worksite. Curbstone’s technology gives you everything you need for on-the-go transactions.

Need to collect and store a signature that isn’t associated with a charge? Curbstone lets you use the same device to capture delivery acknowledgments and customer signatures for the acceptance of contract terms.

Receive Authorizations in Two Seconds or Less

Speed up your transactions with faster credit card authorizations. Swipe, tap, or dip a customer’s card and receive authorization in two seconds or less. Collect a signature, print a receipt, and send your customer on their way.

Curbstone Payment Processing APIs

Seamless Integration with Your IBM iSeries

Your entire payment processing ecosystem comes together in real-time with Curbstone. The Curbstone Client runs on your system, using simple, RPG-friendly APIs. Transaction data – other than your customers’ card numbers – is stored locally in IBM Physical Files for convenient lookup and reporting.

Discover our IBM i Payment Technologies
“Your software has given our location managers a much more effective way to handle credit card transactions, and it’s been a huge relief for them… but it has also benefited Corporate. We wasted a lot of man-hours doing manual reconciliation; it was clumsy, expensive, and inefficient. Now that problem has disappeared.” - The Hite Company

Take Your In-Store Environment Out of PCI Audit Scope

Stop processing sensitive data on your retail workstations, payment terminals, routers, and servers. Curbstone takes your entire existing infrastructure out of PCI audit scope and reduces your vulnerabilities. You spend less time on security reports and compliance audits, while providing a higher level of protection for cardholder data.

Retail Credit Card Technologies
Card Not Present Retail Transactions

Expand Your Business With Card-Not-Present Payments

Grow beyond your brick-and-mortar business. Easily add payment processing options for e-commerce, mail order, and phone order transactions – all using the same integrated Curbstone Portal. As you add new transaction types, you can streamline reporting with unique merchant codes for each of your locations and business units.

Discover a Better Approach to Retail Payment Processing

Find out how you can simplify your in-person payment experience.

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