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Payment Processing for Utilities Providers

Fast, easy payment processing technologies for water, power, heat, and waste management providers

Discover Integrated Utility Payments

Accept Credit and Debit Card Payments in the Software You Already Use

Accept credit and debit cards on your website, mobile app, or call center, providing a seamless experience. Built specifically for use on iSeries applications, Curbstone lets you integrate utilities payments into your existing business processes. Whether you’re using a commerical EPR that’s built specifically for the utilities industry or a collection of home-built applications, all your transaction data is tied together in one place.

Explore the Technologies

Multiple Online Checkout Options

Take payments on your website without storing or processing your customers’ card data on your own web server. iFrames provide a seamless experience; Curbstone collects and processes the card data on your behalf. Or, use our payment APIs for even more flexible online payment options.

Pay by Phone with IVR

When customers pay by phone, interactive voice response provides a higher level of security. Customers enter their own payment information on their telepone keypad, without your employees hearing sensitive data. You can take even more of your environment out of scope for PCI compliance.

Keep Cards on File For Recurring Monthly Utilities Payments

Let customers save their payment cards in a secure digital wallet. You get a secure payment token that you can use for future utility bills or credits, without having to keep the cardholder data on your system. Customers don't have to provide their payment details every single they pay a bill; they can choose a previously used payment method to speed up the checkout process.

Utility Bill Card on File Payments
IBM i Tokenization

Simplify PCI Compliance

Reduce your PCI scope to qualify for a shorter, less complicated audit. Your team can spend less time on documentation and reporting, while still meeting all of your requirements as a merchant.

Find out which parts of your environment Curbstone can take out of PCI scope.

Proven Best Practices for Faster, Easier Utilities Payments

At Curbstone, we’ve worked with utility providers across several different sectors and have been in the payments industry for decades. We’ll share proven best practices to help you succeed.

Whether you need help reducing your payment processing costs, defending your business from chargebacks, or spending less time on daily settlements, we’re here to help you improve your operations. Learn how to create a better payments program that supports the unique needs of your business.

Discover Your Options

Find out how Curbstone can help you more securely accept credit and debit card payments:

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