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Curbstone Partner Program

You know your software - and your customers - inside and out.

We know payments the same way.

Most importantly: with shared expertise in the IBM i, we speak the same language.

Working together to add real-time credit card payments to your software, we’ll help you create a stronger, stickier product.

Explore Our Partner Program

Deliver the Features Your Customers Want

Your customers need a faster, more secure way to process payments.

As a Curbstone Partner, you can deliver – and make it a seamless part of your software platform. They can process credit and debit card payments within your existing applications.

Your customers won’t have to turn to yet another vendor for payment processing – which makes your product infinitely more valuable.

Learn more about embedded payments for software vendors. 

A Simple, Streamlined Development Process

From discovery and design through coding and testing, Curbstone can help you streamline your development process.

We’ve focused on the IBM i for the entire existence of our company – which means we’re already on the same page with your development team.

Having been through the integration process with multiple iSeries-based software vendors, we can help you plan, execute, and deliver your native payment integration.

Flexibility to Support Your Customers' Unique Workflows

Not only do we make credit card processing a natural extension of your existing order screens, but we’ll help you design the integration to accommodate the industry-specific processes your customers already follow.

Simplified Security

As a PCI-validated Level 1 Service Provider, Curbstone maintains the same high security standards as other best-in-class payment organizations – including PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Annual third-party audits validate our security efforts, reducing the amount of reporting you’ll need to do. The best part: thanks to remote tokenization, your software never touches the credit card info.

We'll Handle Support

Curbstone offers 24 x 7 x 365 support – both technical and operational – at no added cost.

No matter what issue your customers are experiencing, we’ll help them get to the bottom of it. You don’t have to allocate your customer care resources to supporting a payments product – and your customers get fast, responsive answers to their questions.

Boost Your Bottom Line with a Guaranteed Revenue Share

Add a strong new source of revenue for your bottom line, while helping your customers save money on their processing fees.

Let's Start the Conversation

Find out how you can add integrated payments to your software.

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