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Integrated payment systems for all your transactions

Isolated Payment Terminals (IPT)

A fast, integrated way to process phone orders

Isolated Payment Terminals let you process mail and phone orders quickly and securely. Your call center representatives receive authorizations in seconds, and payment data remains isolated from the rest of your computing infrastructure – reducing vulnerabilities and audit requirements.

Interactive Voice Response Technologies (IVR)

An easy way to remove voice interaction from PCI scope

Interactive Voice Response technologies let your customers enter their own payment information on their telephone keypad. You can accept phone payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while delivering a higher level of privacy and compliance.

Retail EMV (Chip and Signature) Technologies

A fully integrated terminal for card-present transactions

EMV terminals process your card-present retail payments – whether chip, swipe, tap, NFC, or key – on a pinpad. Hardware-based encryption protects sensitive payment information, while sending transaction data to your central business system in real time.

Web Services Suite (WSS)

An API payment toolkit for e-commerce

Online payment technologies provide comprehensive processing for web servers and browser-based applications. Payment Landing Pages (PLP) offload the collection of sensitive card data from your web server and online shopping card. URL Payment Links (UPL) allow you to send email and SMS-based payment requests. A Data Structure Interface (DSI) uses collected data to perform authorizations, credits, and other operations. All of these payment APIs work together seamlessly, sharing the security benefits of Remote Tokenization.

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