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B2B Payments

Make B2B payment processing easier – and more affordable – with ACH payments, cards-on-file, and support for Level II and Level III Corporate Purchasing Cards.

Discover Faster, More Affordable B2B Payments

B2B payment processing comes with a unique set of challenges

It can be harder to avoid costly downgrades, as you’re required to provide more data about each transaction. Customers may have corporate card limits that complicate high-value transactions, and per-transaction fees can cut into your profits. Some corporate customers may not issue card payments at all, requiring additional solutions such as ACH processing.

Curbstone makes it easier to collect payments from corporate customers. If you do business with other businesses – whether as a manufacturer, a distributor, or a service provider – we will help you accommodate your customers’ needs, keep more of your revenue, and streamline your payment processing workflows.

Full Functionality for B2B Payments

With Curbstone, you’ll have a complete suite of technologies to accommodate all the ways your customers pay. Process phone orders, mail orders, retail orders, and e-commerce orders from the same integrated platform, introducing new payment functionality as your business model evolves.

Level 2 Corporate Purchasing Card Payments

Level II and Level III Corporate Purchasing Card Support

Our credit card processing platform is designed for business cards, corporate cards, and purchasing cards. Accept these payment methods in all of your settings – from retail stores to call centers – and give your customers several convenient ways to pay. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to populate your transactions in the way that achieves the lowest interchange rates and prevents non-qualification downgrades. By passing complete line-item details to your acquirer, you’ll prevent costly penalties.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

Our ACH solutions allow for fast and simple B2B money transfer. Facilitate e-checks and electronic bill payments for your corporate customers, while offering a convenient option for high-dollar purchases that could exceed corporate card spending limits.

International B2B Payments

International Payments

Sell to customers in the US or Canada with multi-currency processing. Accept cross-border payments in US dollars (USD) or Canadian dollars (CAD), broadening your customer base.

Card-on-File Payments

If your business model is based on recurring payments – either from returning customers that purchase different products per transaction, or from long-term subscriptions that are billed on a monthly basis – securely store payment data to process repeat transactions from your ERP. Remote tokenization lets you keep cards on file for any purpose – including one-time add-ons, credits, authorization refreshes, and cycle billing.

Recurring B2B Payments

Track Payments Across Each Individual Business Unit

Gain real-time access to your entire transaction history for streamlined reporting. Gain immediate visibility into all of your transactions, using unique merchant codes to track activity across departments, divisions, locations, and business units. If needed, process each merchant code through its own acquirer, or have multiple merchant codes use the same bank merchant account.

Reduce the Cost of Processing B2B Payments

Each time you process a B2B credit card payment, you pay an interchange fee. These fees compensate the issuing bank, acquirer, and card brand for the risk of processing the transaction.

Interchange fees consist of a flat per-transaction charge, plus a percent of the total amount. However, these rates can vary, based on:

  • The type of credit card being processed
  • The amount of time between approval and settlement batch submission
  • The types of data you provide
  • The merchant’s efforts for address verification
  • The settled amount matching the approved amount
  • Your payment platform’s ability to submit the required information

The cost also varies by transaction type. B2B MOTO (mail order and telephone order) payments, for instance, can have a different cost than e-commerce transactions. Card-not-present transactions carry higher levels of risk, typically leading to higher interchange fees.

Our platform makes it easy to pass the necessary information when you process B2B transactions – no matter the type. With options for all enhanced data fields, our solutions are Level II and Level III compatible.

We make it simple to include item quantities, product codes, destination zip codes, purchase order numbers, and other line-item details when you settle. It’s an easy way to receive the lowest possible interchange rates and keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

One Data Structure for all Networks, Banks, and Transaction Types

Another challenge of processing B2B card payments: every network, bank, and card brand has a different way of collecting information. Our standardized data structure abstracts network, card, and transaction differences for a single, consistent merchant program interface. Our data structure is always the same, across every supported network and transaction type.

Get Everyone Speaking the Same Language

Your e-commerce programs can talk the same language as your RPG programmers on your ERP system. All of our processing technologies use the same data structure to talk to the transaction processing engine. All APIs use the same set of 124 fields, and you use a small subset of them for any given request. It’s a simpler approach that keeps everyone on the same page.

No Limitations on How You Run Your Business

As a transaction processing engine, we do not enforce any rules on how you process your payments. We process each transaction as you deliver it – doing exactly what your business process dictates at the time. You select the transaction type to accommodate any way you want to run your operations.

We’re proud to be the B2B payment company of choice for hundreds of merchants – from equipment rental organizations to large international manufacturers. To find out how you can more easily process your corporate payments, contact us today.

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