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Payment Processing for Publishers

Fast and easy ways to accept credit and debit card payments within your back-office applications

Discover Integrated Payments

Collect credit card and debit card payments from your advertisers, retail customers, and distribution network.

Process one-time transactions, recurring subscriptions, and even ad space payments – all on the same integrated platform.

Subscription Billing for Book Clubs, Periodicals, & Paid/Premium Content

Easily process payments for subscription-based book clubs, periodicals, or paid digital content. Store your customers’ cards on file to streamline recurring transactions.

Discover Cards on File

One-Time Payments for Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution

Accept credit and debit cards across all your distribution channels. Customers can place an order and complete their checkout process in seconds with real-time authorizations.

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Real-Time Integration With Your Publishing Software

Stop wasting time on complicated payment processes and disconnected systems. Integrate Curbstone with your back-office applications and complete your transactions within the programs you already use.

Maintain Your Unique Workflows

Publishers face unique transaction requirements – from reserve fees for shipping charges to custom discounts for bulk purchases. Curbstone's payment processing software lets you keep your established business processes, while giving you the flexibility to adapt your workflows as your needs change.

From Print Catalog to Digital Catalog

Keep up with the continually changing publishing industry. Whether you make most of your sales from print catalogs and mail orders or digital catalogs and e-commerce, Curbstone can support all the ways you serve your customers.

Transaction Processing for Publishers
eCommerce Credit Card Integration

Expand Beyond Your Primary Publishing Business

As your business model evolves, introduce additional payment methods or transaction types. Launch an e-commerce store with licensed products, sell tickets for live media events, or complement your product revenue with ad sales. With Curbstone as your payments platform, you’ll have the technologies you need to support strategic growth.

Simplify PCI Compliance

You’re a media company – not a security firm. Spend less time on reporting and audits, while moving your customer’s sensitive payment data off your network.

Find out how to simplify PCI compliance.

Payment Processing Security

Discover Our Payment Processing Technologies for Publishers

We’re proud to provide payment processing technologies to some of the nation’s leading book and periodical publishers. Learn more about our payment solutions for the media industry:

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