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Payment Processing for Insurance Companies

Give your clients several convenient ways to pay their deductibles, premiums, and claims.

Discover Integrated Payments

Process credit and debit cards online, over the phone, and by mail - in the software you already use to run your insurance business.

Save Time with Real-Time Integrations

Speed up every transaction by processing payments in your policy management or claims management software. No more switching from application to application – all your processes (and all your data) are consolidated in one place.

Discover Integrated Payments

Speed Up Transactions with Cards on File

Stop manually entering card data at the end of every billing cycle. Save your customers’ cards on file to streamline recurring transactions; remote tokenization lets you do so without processing, storing, or transmitting the physical card data.

Streamline Recurring Transactions

Process All Your Transactions on One Easy-to-Use Platform

Curbstone offers integrated payment processing technologies for your call centers, corporate offices, and even your website. Manage all your transactions on the same streamlined platform, with streamlined reporting for all your business units and transaction types.

See How Senior Life Insurance is Using Curbstone for Online and Phone-Based Payments
Reuse Stored Cards for Recurring Transactions

Simplify PCI Compliance

Whether you specialize in home, auto, life, or health, your focus is on insurance – not security and compliance. Our payment processing software removes sensitive data from your systems, making it easier to comply with PCI regulations. You keep cardholder data more secure from threats, and your team can spend fewer internal resources on audits and reporting.

Find out how to simplify PCI compliance for your insurance agency.

Discover Faster, Easier Payment Processing

We’re proud to provide payment processing technologies to some of the nation’s top insurers. Find out how you can use our SaaS solutions and industry experience to improve your own payments program:

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