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Case Study: Bartlett Bearing Company Reduces Their Credit Card Processing Fees and Speeds Up Their Settlements with TSYS

By August 18, 2021June 22nd, 2022No Comments

Bartlett Bearing Company – a leading distributor of bearings and repair parts – was experiencing delayed settlements with their credit card acquirer. The delays weren’t just an annoyance; they were holding up the company’s cash flow.

“On the technology side, our settlements were routinely not settling until after 8 PM, so money was not being deposited into our bank until a day after the transactions actually occurred. Now that we’re on TSYS, our settlements finish in minutes; it drastically sped up our invoicing.” – Sarah Musser, Operations Manager

The company had also noticed diminishing support – and when they switched to TSYS with the assistance of Curbstone, they were able to spend less of their valuable time searching for answers.

Curbstone’s relationship with TSYS means that they can run interference on our behalf.”

See how moving to TSYS helped the company get better service and faster settlements – as well as lower rates.