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Case Study: Senior Life Insurance Introduces Online and Phone-Based Payments

By January 27, 2022No Comments

Senior Life Insurance – a Thompsonville, Georgia-based national life insurance company – needed a way to process credit card payments. While they had long offered customers the option to pay by bank transfer, they needed to add more convenient options – and Curbstone was there to help.

With Isolated Payment Terminals for phone orders and Payment Landing Pages for online payments, Senior Life Insurance made it fast – and convenient – to process card payments. Most importantly: they were able to integrate with their existing applications and business processes.

“There were so many intricacies with how the back end of our system works, but we were able to inject Curbstone into our existing processes, and we didn’t have to change those processes before we were ready.” – Marcia Reis, Director of Programming Services

The result? Seamless payments – both for internal agents to pay their dues, and for customers to pay their premiums.

“We are documenting up to 40 transactions per day [that self-pay instead of calling], and we expect those numbers to increase significantly once we start more heavily promoting the use of our web-based payments platform.” 

Find out how Curbstone’s integrated technologies helped Senior Life start accepting credit card payments, reduce manual work, and move sensitive payment data off their system.