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Curbstone Pricing

At Curbstone, we believe in simple, transparent pricing. Our Initial Setup Fee (ISF) covers configuration, implementation, testing, and deployment; our Annual Service Fee (ASF) covers a full year of operational and technical support. You know exactly what to expect from day one – no hidden fees.

Only pay for what you need

Curbstone’s pricing is based on your transaction volume – specifically, how many settled transactions you complete in each calendar quarter.

Red Tier

Up to 6,000 Quarterly Settled Transactions

Yellow Tier

Up to 24,000 Quarterly Settled Transactions

Green Tier

Up to 60,000 Quarterly Settled Transactions

Blue Tier

Unlimited Quarterly Settled Transactions

All tiers provide the same comprehensive features. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you’ll have the same payment processing options at your disposal.

Reducing Your Credit Card Processing Costs

Everything we do is designed to help you save on your credit card processing costs.

If you’re currently paying high per-transaction fees, downgrades, or PCI compliance fees, you’re paying too much. With Curbstone’s pricing model, you eliminate unnecessary expenses.

See How

There’s no extra fee each time you authorize a purchase. Our team helps you build transactions to qualify for the lowest interchange rates. And, because card processors charge extra fees if you are not PCI-compliant, we take your entire existing infrastructure out of scope for PCI. This simplifies compliance, eliminates surcharges, and reduces your risk of a costly breach.

Common Pricing Questions

When does the Annual Service Fee begin?

Curbstone’s Annual Service Fee begins with the initial invoice and is due each year on that anniversary.

Does unlimited support really mean unlimited support?

Absolutely. Our support team is here to answer any questions, at any time – from pre-implementation testing to post-go-live operations. The only thing we do not provide is custom coding or programming.

Have an issue and not sure who to call? Call us instead of wasting your time. We know all the players who make processing work. Our team helps you identify the appropriate resource. You are never billed for support time, and your staff can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to make your implementation and operations as smooth, quick, and efficient as possible – whatever it takes.

Does Curbstone supply my merchant account?

No. Curbstone lets you select from hundreds of merchant services providers (acquirers).  As long as they support one of our Authorization Network communications vendors, we can process with them.

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