for IBM Power Systems running IBM i operating system

Ira Chandler


Hello, I am Ira Chandler.  Since 1993 when I wrote the first commercial Credit Card Software for the IBM AS/400, my companies have provided security, native integration, cost-savings, and fanatical support...

Curbstone technology targets the payment processing needs of companies on IBM Power Systems running IBM i Operating System, aka AS/400, iSeries.

Click the 3 minute video below on Curbstone technology and our Seven Key Benefits:


1. Security: is your credit card data security comprehensive, effective, PCI compliant, and easily documentable?

2. Integration: is your Order Entry process seamlessly integrating payments for phone orders, e-commerce, and retail - in real-time?

3. Costs: are you paying the LOWEST possible FEES on your card transactions?

If you can't answer YES to all three, Curbstone has the software and services you need...
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SIMPLE!  Implement our IPT for telephone and mail orders, PLP for e-commerce, and EMV for your retail sites.

Each technology is designed to ELIMINATE your systems touching the credit card data

All use our REMOTE TOKENIZATION to prevent you from storing card data.  This supports cards-on-file for returning customers, credits, and recurring billing.  However, you gain or retain seamless, deep integration to your Order Entry software.

 ?  Do you worry if your systems are even PCI compliant?

 ?  Are you concerned that your payment data might not be handled as securely as possible?

 ?  Do you lack a mature, validated Payments Partner who can provide guidance, as well as middleware?

Curbstone is the leading provider for the AS/400, iSeries, and now IBM i platform, and an IBM Business Partner since 2002.  Our technology eases the pain of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.  In most cases, Curbstone's C3 can remove the merchant's existing infrastructure completely from PCI SCOPE!

Curbstone has achieved the highest possible level of security validation, being audited by third parties to the PCI "Service Provider Level 1" DSS standards. This is the same level of security scrutiny that banks must achieve.

Curbstone technology significantly reduces the burden of PCI Security Compliance (PCI DSS)

  • Developed exclusively for the IBM AS/400, iSeries and now IBM i
  • Simplifies the Achievement, Maintenance and Documentation of PCI compliance
  • Reduces or ELIMINATES MIS, IT, and Administrative PCI-specific workload

Supports all standard industry security functions, CVV2, CVC2, CID, LI, LII, AVS, ECI, CPS, BIN table, and more...


Curbstone's technology, CorrectConnect (C3), is a NATIVE IBM i solution for phone orders, e-commerce, and retail card-present.

 ?  Do you need a better way to accept card payments by your Customer Service Reps on the phone?

 ?  Are e-commerce shopping cart payments ISOLATED from your primary business computer?

 ?  When customers walk up with a card, is that operation segregated from the rest of your systems?


C3 Provides REAL-TIME card authorization seamlessly linked with your existing Order Entry software.  This eliminates double-keying, and provides a traceable link from the transaction through your current Order Entry and Receivables systems based on IBM i.

Delight your customers by providing Cards-On-File for returning customers, credits, and recurring billing.


 ?  Are you paying unnecessary authorization fees and settlement downgrades?

 ?  Paying extra fees for not supporting Corporate Purchasing Cards Levels II or III?

 ?  Having trouble documenting your defense against chargebacks?

 ?  Are your transactions being downgraded because they are not submitted in a timely manner?

 ?  Have you SEEN how high your fees and downgrades are over the last year?

Curbstone is merchant account, acquirer, and bank NEUTRAL, you can retain your bank relationship.  You do not have to change your banking relationship, acquirer, bank, or merchant account, to use our middleware.   

Or, you can shop for the best rates and service, YOUR CHOICE!  Curbstone Partner Acquirers can offer competitive processing fees if you choose.  One of our customers, a paper company, saved about $8,000.  A day.  Every day.  Your savings will vary.

We focus exclusively on how to help you get the best rates your transactions and avoid chargebacks and downgrades.


We are paid by you, the merchant, a fixed fee for the setup of our software, and then a fixed annual fee for Unlimited 24x7 support, updates, guidance, and secure portal access.