Ira Chandler

Hello, I am Ira Chandler.  Since 1993 when I published the first commercial Payment Server for the IBM AS/400 (ROI Card/JavaCard/jCharge), my companies have been providing the industry's best and MOST POPULAR credit card payment software.  I incorporated LOCAL TOKENIZATION because it made sense.  Now that Curbstone is a PCI-certified "Service Provider Level 1", we provide REMOTE TOKENIZATION to take your card data off of your systems.  Read on...  



Our Payment Software-as-a-Service is designed for merchants (companies who accept credit card payments) to use in association with the applications running on their central business computer.  Our focus is the IBM Midrange AS/400, aka iSeries and "System i".  We support transactions for Call Centers (MOTO), e-commerce, and Retail operations.  Our software is scalable, and affordable, from the small Mom & Pop operation to another Curbstone customer, the largest tool rental operation in the US with over 700 locations, all running on one, ultra-reliable instance of Curbstone.

Curbstone is merchant account, acquirer, and bank NEUTRAL.  We do not sign up merchants for "Merchant Accounts".  Do not rquire you to change your banking relationship, or merchant account, to use our middlerware.  We are paid by you, the merchant, for the setup of our software, and a fixed annual fee for Unlimited 24x7 support, updates, and portal access.  We do NOT charge any per-transaction fees at all.  We focus exclusively on how to help you get the best rates your transactions, and avoid chargebacks and downgrades.



Curbstone is the dominant provider for the AS/400, iSeries, IBM i platform, and is an IBM Business Partner since 2002.  Our software is certified by independent PCI Security auditors as secure to the PCI PA-DSS standard.  Recently, we achieved the highest possible level of security certification, being designated compliant with the PCI "Service Provider Level 1" Standards.  This is the same level of security scrutiny that banks and authorization networks must achieve.



Since security is an absolute requirement when handing sensitive data, we have endeavored to simplify the task for merchants.  Our systems are designed to ease the pain of being PCI compliant, and, in some cases, remove the merchant's existing infrastructure completely from PCI SCOPE!  Over the years, we have heard our hundreds of customers request the reduction of the cost and scope of PCI audit and reporting responsibilities.  In response, we have developed Curbstone CorrectConnectâ„¢ (C3), validated by PCI audit on 2014/05/13.  This native software, running on OS/400 IBM i versions V6R1 or higher:

  • Significantly reduces the scope of PCI Security Compliance (PCI DSS)
    • Developed exclusively for the IBM AS/400, iSeries and System i
    • Stores card data OFF of merchant business systems (i.e. System i)
    • Uses REMOTE TOKENIZATION to provide access to cards-on-file
    • Eliminates process/store/transmit of card data within your own apps (IPT option)
  • Simplifies the Achievement, Maintenance and Documentation of PCI compliance
    • Reduces or ELIMINATES MIS, IT, and Administrative PCI-specific workload
    • Reduces or ELIMINATES Call Center PCI burden through "Isolated Payment Terminals"
    • Reduces or ELIMINATES e-commerce PCI burden through "Payment Landing Pages"

Curbstone is formally certified with the major Tier One authorization networks in the US, including First Data/BAMS, Paymentech/Chase, TSYS/VITAL, Elavon, and Certegy.  In fact, we are a GOLD Partner of TSYS and a PREMIER Partner of Paymentech. 


All our merchants want to retain the current benefits of Curbstone Card, and like selecting the acquiring bank of their choice, and not having Curbstone take any commissions on their transactions.  Combined, this insures that you, the merchant, can buy your card processing at a WHOLESALE, not a RETAIL cost, with a broad choice of competitive providers (acquirers).


Curbstone CorrectConnect (aka C3) is a Portal-based solution for existing and new Curbstone merchants. 

Curbstone CorrectConnectâ„¢

Supporting Retail, e-commerce, MOTO, Phone Orders, and Call Centers, this technology can provide fully-qualified transactions that receive the best processing fees from your bank/acquirer.

  • Standard for all licenses!
  • REMOTE TOKENIZATION with ZERO per-transaction fee
  • Validated PCI "Service Provider Level 1" Curbstone Security
  • Dedicated Curbstone Project Manager
  • Unlimited Implementation Services (short of programming)
  • Levels I & II Processing included
  • Full Management Layer for Settlements
  • Unlimited Multi-Threading
  • CVV2, CVC2, CID, LI, LII, AVS, ECI, CPS, BIN table, more
  • Configurable Card Retention for cards-on-file
  • 100% Simulation mode out of the box for dev and testing
  • Merchant Codes for retail+MOTO+e-commerce
  • "IBM I & i5/OS Security & Compliance" Book by Carol Woodbury included