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John Vanderwall, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder
25563 SE 41st Court, Issaquah, WA 98029
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

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Our Mission

SkyView Partners is committed to providing clients with managed security services that save time, reduce costs and simplify security compliance and administration.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

On the list of things to do for your IT staff is “security”. Rarely does that item get checked off the list because they simply don’t have the time. Rightfully, they are focused on high-value IT activities that impact the bottom-line. However that isn’t an excuse for letting security go unaddressed. To be “compliant” not only with PCI, but with a multitude of other standards and regulations, companies need a regular process in place to check security and must do, at a minimum, an annual risk assessment.

SkyView Partners Managed Security Services (MSS) is the answer. It is a monthly service where you get unparalleled expertise paying attention to your security so you don’t have too. Critical security administration topics are monitored, and you are notified if something needs attention. Monthly reports and an annual risk assessment equip your staff with the right information to choose to address issues, elevate them to management, or defer them as appropriate. This service takes the pressure off your system administration staff and helps make sure that security is getting regular attention that management and auditors expect.

What we hear from clients is that auditors LOVE this because it’s 3rd party experts monitoring and they know its actually getting done each month as opposed to being “forgotten” when left up to the client!


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Carol Woodbury, President and Co-founder

425-458-4975,, Twitter @carolwoodbury