Alex Woodie, Editor at The Four Hundred, knocks it OUT OF THE BALLPARK, again.


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Trying to keep the IBM i relevant in your organization?

It probably seems like an uphill battle at times, especially if you have a CIO who knows next to nothing about the platform. Here are five fun facts that may help save the platform at your organization, or at least get the CIO to give it a second look before he kicks it to the curb.

Fact 1: IBM i on Power is cheaper in the long run than Windows or Linux on Intel

... In 2012, IBM hired the firm ITG to run the numbers, and the three-year TCO came back as follows:

$   480,200 for a typical IBM i setup,

$   862,200 for a typical Windows setup, and

$1,118,300 for a typical Linux setup.

Even the CFO can appreciate that.