This week’s security number is $1 Billion… the likely amount that has been stolen with the Carbanak malware.

Security is about “vigilance."  Would the banks have lost less if they were more vigilant?   By some accounts the Carbanak malware has been in place since 2013.  No one can prevent people from getting in, but that is no excuse for not being vigilant when it comes to your data security.  

  • Do you know the risks? 
  • Are you looking at key reports regularly? 
  • Have you done all you can to reduce the risk and keep the monitoring task from overwhelming you? 
  • Have you reduced the real estate hackers can move in by remediating issues? 

Don’t be the next headline.  The solution is outsourcing assessment and regular monitoring to an expert group who can evaluate, summarize, and briefly explain the risks.   That’s exactly what SkyView Managed Security Service is all about.   

At SkyView Partners, we offer Managed Security Services where we systematically pay attention to security for you.  

  • Our team, led by Carol Woodbury, former Security Architect and Chief Engineering Manager for IBM’s Enterprise Server Group, will monitor key security elements
  • We will provide you with a monthly summary so you know, at a glance, what may need attention
  • Once a year we do a comprehensive risk assessment so you see where your risk status

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The information you get is invaluable.  The monthly per partition price is very reasonable.  It’s a whole lot less than the cost of a breach.

Join the growing list of global customers who are letting Carol Woodbury’s team at SkyView Partners pay attention to security… so they don’t have too!

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John Vanderwall
Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder
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