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Our friends at SkyView, Carol Woodbury and John Vanderwall, are offering the EASIEST solution to PCI-oriented security monitoring.  

As you probably know, SkyView is the most qualified security management organization in the IBM Midrange.

SkyView Security Experts are trained and managed by Carol Woodbury. Carol Woodbury is the former Security Architect and Chief Engineering Managed for IBM's Enterprise Server Group in Rochester, MN; as well as author of the book "IBM i Security: Administration & Compliance," award winning speaker on the topic of security, Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) and the Co-founder, President and CTO of SkyView Partners Inc.

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Introducing SkyView Partners Managed Security Services (MSS)

As John describes it:  "It’s a service where we pay attention to your security so you don’t have to.   We’ve found that most IBMi shops just don’t have time for security.   To be “compliant” not only with PCI, but with a multitude of other standards and regulations.  IBMi shops need a regular process in place to check security.  In addition, they have to do at a minimum an annual risk assessment.  Our Managed Security Service defines a process where we check security monthly providing a summary report and perform an annual risk assessment for the client.   We include licenses of selected SkyView software products to gather the data required to make this a turn-key solution.  If you have preferred software, we are more than happy to use that instead.  The goal is to provide valuable insight for our clients on a monthly basis.  What we hear from rapidly expanding client base is thatauditors LOVE this because it’s 3rd party experts monitoring.  The auditors know the work of monitoring security is actually getting done each month as opposed to being “forgotten” when left up to the client!

For IBM i, this service includes:

For more info, just call 1-425-458-4975 or E-mail

They may include:

With all the work piling on your staff, whether it’s upgrading to the latest release of the OS, responding to Help Desk calls, trouble-shooting system issues, doing backups, developing reports for various groups, or the endless list of tasks that system administrators are asked to do, security is one of those tasks that tends to be forgotten.

For all of you running Linux or AIX, we SkyView also offers

They may include:

SkyView Partners Managed Security Services (MSS) is a monthly service where critical security administration topics are monitored and you are notified if something needs attention. Regular reports are scheduled and emailed to the SkyView support staff for analysis. If any issues are discovered, you are notified. This service takes the pressure off your system administration staff and helps make sure that security is getting regular attention.

For more info, just call 1-425-458-4975 or E-mail