PCI’s Qualified Integrators & Resellers (QIR)™ Program

makes it easier for merchants to confidently deploy new security controls – and it also indicates your commitment to safeguard payment card data on their behalf.     

As a trained PCI QIR you will gain these benefits:       

The QIR training and qualification program provides you with the training and best practices to ensure a secure installation for your merchants. And it makes it easier for merchants to identify and engage integrators and resellers who are qualified to install their PA-DSS applications in a manner that facilitates PCI DSS compliance.   

As an integrator/reseller you play a key role in the payment ecosystem. Enroll in the QIR eLearning course today!

Keep payment data safe – we can help!

Prior to the 2015 EMV chip and PIN upgrade deadline, cybercriminals are expected to increase the volume of attacks early in 2015, to compromise as much as possible while they still can.

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Help your client secure their data - sign up for the QIR training course.  Enroll in this self-paced eLearning course and become a QIR today!