Security Expert, Carol Woodbury, of SkyView Partners, has published her FAVORITES list for 2014.

Favorite IBM i Report

My favorite IBM i report is the one generated from running Print User Profile (PRTUSRPRF) - or from running SkyView's Risk Assessor product.  This report is actually four reports—all in the same spooled file. I use the first report to review users' group membership, special authority assignments, and limited capability setting. The second report lists configuration information such as the users' initial menu and initial program. The third report is useful in determining whether a profile has a password, the password last changed date, and the users' last sign-on date. (This shows when an organization is using the IBM-supplied profiles for inactive sign-on.) The last report is helpful when moving the system between password levels.

Favorite Security Report 

I couldn't choose. I have two favorite reports. Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report and the Ponemon Institute's Cost of Data Breach Report. Both reports are enlightening and show the trends of hacks and breaches.

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