We hope you've enjoyed the IBM System i (iSeries) Tips and Techniques we've sent out during 2014. In case you missed them - here is a quick refresh of Halcyon's most popular tips.

Quick Wins for Managing IBM i Disk Space

Prevent storage issues impacting the availability of your IBM System i by using Halcyon Software’s flexible alerting.

Although the QSYSOPR message queue provides a valuable warning message once an Auxiliary Storage Pool (ASP) threshold has been breached, in reality it is of limited use. The message only appears hourly and offers no time-based awareness or ability to define multiple warning thresholds.

Halcyon Software has built upon this operating system functionality by introducing 3 powerful features:

  • Threshold Alerting
  • Tiered Threshold Alerting
  • Intelligent Threshold Alerting

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Real-time Job Log Monitoring

You've done it a million times. Work with Job, option 10 'display job log', <F10> 'display detailed messages' followed by page down after page down while looking for messages of interest. Wouldn't it make more sense to setup a rule to look for specific message ID's, severities or even message types? Using Halcyon's Job Log Monitor you can do exactly that, plus in addition you can take immediate actions at the time the message is generated.

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Smart Techniques for Managing IBM i Messages

One of the true qualities of IBM System i is its ability to generate messages detailing exactly what's happening on the system around the clock. From the QHST history log to QSYSOPR and other user or application related message queues, each plays a major part in keeping the system and applications available.

On occasion, the pure volume and variety of generated messages can be daunting for Administrators, especially when tasked with the management of multiple partitions. Halcyon Software have developed a series of smart message monitoring techniques designed to help you take control of your system so that you only see messages that require your attention.

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System Summary Status Report

Do you spend too much time gathering facts and figures, such as current disk space utilization, system error log entries, scheduled job status or the number of open alerts? Would you like a single report that summarizes system availability and all outstanding issues?

Halcyon now ship a 'System Summary Status Report' which you can run manually or schedule using the Halcyon Advanced Job Scheduler or IBM Scheduler.

This feature provides a single report that summarizes availability and all outstanding issues. You can also define additional systems to be checked, and include their current availability on the report.


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Control and Audit FTP and ODBC Connections to your Data

Do you know who’s looking at your IBM i data and more importantly, what they are doing with it? On occasions users need to have higher or even lower levels of authority in order to complete a specific job or task. The challenge is not only how to manage this request but also how to record their activity while they have this temporary access.

Halcyon's Authority Swapper now has the ability to control user profiles used for FTP and ODBC connections to your system, either manually or automatically via a predefined permit. The solution comes complete with options that enable you to control the level of auditing performed, including the ability to utilize command logging to a message queue, physical file or command log.

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Proactive Job Queue Monitoring

Are you currently checking job queues manually or do you currently define individual rules to monitor each queue? Did you know that you can now define a single Halcyon job queue rule to monitor ALL of your queues to significantly streamline your approach. You can also optionally define a check interval and a time range over which these checks are made.

The Job Queue Monitor allows you to define rules to look for three different job queue measurements:

  • Job Queue Status
  • Job Queue Depth
  • Job Queue Jobs

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If you would like technical advice on any aspect of your IBM i operations drop me an email and I'll be happy to help. Alternatively, send an email or contact technicalservices@halcyonsoftware.com

Ash Giddings
Product Marketing Manager