By: Jennia Hizver, Consulting Practice Security Researcher and Consultant, AT&TPenetrationTest

INTRO: Penetration tests are valuable for several reasons:

  • Determining feasibility of a particular set of attack vectors
  • Identifying higher-risk vulnerabilities resultinfg from combo of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in particular sequence
  • Identifying vulnerabilities difficult or impossible to detect with automated network or application vul scanning software
  • Assessing magnitude of business and operational impacts of successful attacks
  • Testing ability of network defenders to successfully detect and respond to attacks
  • Providing evidence to support increased investments in security 

Over the years of my career as a penetration tester,

I have encountered many myths and misconceptions regarding penetration testing, some of which I’d like to share with you:

Myth #1: Vulnerability scanning can identify all vulnerabilities in an organization’s environment, and hence, penetration tests are unnecessary.

Myth #2: Professional penetration testers use expensive commercial tools.

Myth #3: One system compromise has no effect on other systems.

Myth #4: Penetration testing focuses on production networks containing sensitive data.

Myth #5: Penetration testers use the same approach and are likely to uncover the same issues.

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Key insights

  1. Penetration testing helps companies identify weaknesses in their IT environment.
  2. In spite of many myths, penetration testing provides valuable insight.