Curbstone credit card processing software

The result of over two decades of evolution, Curbstone's software is the leading solution for secure card handling on the IBM iSeries, System i, IBM i, and AS/400 platforms.  Selected by IBM for their System i Developers' Roadmap, Curbstone is the pre-eminent vendor for this space, and our software is built on the First commercial Credit Card software for the AS/400, written by Curbstone Founder, Ira Chandler, in 1993.  

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Native interface for iSeries System i Integrate to your apps with in-house expertise, 15 lines of code
Support by many third party software vendors Plug and Play with many ERP off-the-shelf order-entry packages
Unlimited technical and operational support Call us first, don't fight to decide who can best assist
Entire process developed around TOKENIZATION Eliminate unnecessary use of plain text card numbers
Full support for referential transactions Refer to any prior transaction by its token, for reuse
Reduce PCI exposure with remote tokenization Offload storage of sensitive data from your systems
Removes e-commerce shopping cart from PCI Scope Use Payment Landing Pages (PLP) to offload card handling
PCI validated as Service Provider Level 1 Highest security, greatest peace of mind, least risk
PCI validated as PA-DSS for software component Highest security, greatest peace of mind, least risk
Unlimited implementation assistance included No extra charges to get approved, or fear
Assigned Curbstone Project Manager  One point of contact, understands your implementation
Broad support for OS/400 v5r4 to latest Flexibility to support your hardware choice
Multipe auth networks supported Flexibility to solicit the best competitive rate
Update from any version to any new version Eliminate stairstepping, update only when necessary, easily
Free network change once a year Take advantage of the best rates and service
Unlimited ongoing support and updates One annual support fee, encourage staff to use support
NO per-transaction fees No increase in costs, no decrease in profits
Retain your existing bank relationship, merchant account No disruption to your business processes
Three levels of licensing based on quarterly txn quantity Same software functions, pricing appropriate to your business
Scalable software, all levels support highest txn volumes Grows with your business
Obtain the best rates possible on all transactions Save money, Curbstone supports all required fields and txn types
24x7x365 technical support Expedite your operations with timely assistance
Designed, written, and supported in USA No cultural barriers or remote resources
Vendor experience since 1993 Useful answers and guidance in a timely manner
"Archived" transactions stored for resuse Do recurring billing, credits, and charges for returning customers
Supports e-commerce from any internal or external server Integrate any shopping cart to primary Curbstone system
Provide card processing for other computing systems SCP provides "web service" interface for any server, any OS
Includes complete, local management layer Authoritative reports and settlement feedback on your system
Complete txn history and audit trail Satisfies PCI retention requirements
Snapshots show state of the system activity Know what is going on in real-time
Support for user-defined fields Store relevant data with each transaction, increased flexibility
MUPPET component as base for cards-on-file Includes source for easy implementation, also "Best-Fit" technology
Iterative settlement insures succesful batch submission Trouble-free automated daily settlements and reporting
Simulation mode for testing locally, always available Eases testing, provides dummy results for integration development
Physical and Vitrual Merchant Codes identify business units Report on as many internal business divisions as you need
Eliminated key management and key "custodians" Simplifies PCI security compliance