Security Market "Truths" for the IBM iSeries System i

Coffee150x180Curbstone has been distributing the authoritative security book by Carol Woodbury of SkyView Partners for the last dozen years.  This organization has proven to be the leader in AS/400 security, and for the absolute proof, review some of the invaluable "Coffee with Carol" sessions [here] 

To do security right requires tools, training, understanding of requirements, staff time and expertise. The problem is that you have limited resources.  Have a qualified, third-party expert handle security monitoring/reporting.

We introduced SkyView Managed Security Services as a turnkey solution for monitoring and reporting on System i, iSeries, AS/400, security.  We do the hard work, and summarize the details for you. You see the exceptions, not all the data.  You leverage SkyView Partners' expertise to keep track of your security for you, without burdening your staff.

I'd like to show you the details. Email me to hear more. I invite you to a webinar why SkyView should do your security work for you.  Our goal is to become a trusted member of your team, dedicated to monitoring your security and reporting on compliance, resulting in valuable, new, insights.


John Vanderwall
Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder
SkyView Partners Inc.

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