Curbstone CorrectConnect™ Beta Program

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Curbstone is deploying brand new technology that is based on a Internet portal to eliminate the requirement that the merchant store encrypted, tokenized data on their own iSeries, System i, AS/400.  This is part of four years of product planning and development that can ultimately take a Merchant completely out of PCI scope.  Let me re-state that:  


This means that Curbstone's new technology can offload the "processing, storage, and transmission" of the cardholder data from the existing Merchant infrastructure, based on the IBM System i, iSeries, AS/400.

We are proud to announce that we have completed 14 Beta releases (as of 01/2015) of the client-side software for C3!  Shortly, we will release the first “Release Candidate”.  This tests the client-side software used by you, the Merchant, to connect to the C3 Portal. 

A Release Candidate means that all of the required functionality for release 1.0 is included.  Generally, no additional features will be added to a Release Candidate; only fixes will be performed to those key production features.  This Release Candidate (“RC”) will go out to a select few Beta sites for initial testing, then to a broader Beta population.  Once we have a high confidence in the RC, we will release it to our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners, and they will use it to test their integration.  When their testing is complete, they will announce availability of their software that supports C3.  Curbstone will then schedule upgrade implementations for those customers according to the Master Implementation Queue.  

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