How to Increase Profit Margins with Surcharging

By Jayme Moss, Oct 31, 2014 4:26:10 PM


For some businesses and industries, adding credit card surcharges to purchases can prove to be a huge help to the bottom line of that business.  Since we can easily embed these business processes in the code on our iSeries AS/400, merchants on the most popular midrange business platform can easily boost their profits.  

Regulated merchants with already low profit margins, such as liquor stores, have historically preferred or even required cash only for transactions involving liquor.  Why?  For instance, in Ohio, the Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control, caps profits for liquor stores at roughly 5%.  Once you add in the expense of credit cards, the margins practically evaporate.  To survive, these businesses need to rely on higher margin items such as beer, wine and even candy bars to operate profitably.

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Solupay is a Curbstone Partner who has expertise in supporting merchants based on the IBM System i and iSeries AS/400. Note that as the policy for all Curbstone Partners, Curbstone does not receive any fees or commissions from Solupay, so they are able to provide the best pricing and service to Curbstone customers.