The cyber criminal ecosystem has a new tool in its arsenal called Voxis

The Voxis Platform is a payment gateway application which can send batches of stolen card charges to multiple gateway processors automating their returns before acquiring banks can catch any illegal activity.

This kind of applications are in demand by the market especially in this moment because the large payment card data breaches at U.S. retailers like Target and Home Depot have flooded the underground market with stolen credit card data that criminals desire to quickly monetize.

The Voxis Platform is an excellent instrument to emulate the human behavior and avoid the detection of anti-fraud systems the are triggered when specific fraud patterns are recognized. In every online transaction we distinguish the following roles the buyer, the seller and the payment gateway.

As explained by InterCrawler, the principal problem for the criminals is time, they have to complete the highest possible number of fraudulent charges before they're detected and their merchant accounts get closed.

Voxis Platform allows to speed up this process, criminals using it can make the highest possible number of fraudulent charges, on specialized forum the Voxis team claims that the software supports 32 different payment gateways and it has been designed to emulate human interaction "to make it look like real humans are sending their credit card information to the payment gateways."

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