Notes from our friend Joe Musitano at Solupay:

emv-chip-card"We reported earlier this week the news that ABI Research has forecasted 575 million U.S. payment cards will feature EMV by 2015, and Global EMV card shipments are expected to total more than 3 billion by 2019. With all the publicity this has garnered, we wanted to share with you 4 must read items regarding EMV and EMV Security:"

Joe has selected 4 great short articles.

Point to Point Encryption

As mentioned in the earlier post this week entitled "The Number One Reason You Need EMV,"  -  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS

Card Present Transactions

The added protection that EMV chip cards brings only effects those merchants that are doing "card present" transactions.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS

Card Not Present Transactions

For those of you that only do "card not present" transactions (such as e-commerce, mail order, or telephone order), EMV... CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS

A New Style of Transaction

An EMV style of credit card transaction (in case you have not done one yet) is very different at the checkout counter.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS

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