As a huge proponent of Zend and their PHP on the System i, AS/400, Curbstone is pleased to see this report just out from our Zend friends.  

Curbstone released the FIRST COMMERCIAL PHP Application for the iSeries, according to our contacts there!  That is our Shopping Cart Pipeline (SCP) for the AS/400, and it is our most popular option for Curbstone Card (C2).  We are moving the SCP to our CorrectConnect (C3) portal platform to provide the sam epopular Web Services API for our C3 customers.  Our new transaction Portal is built on redundant IBM System i computers.  As well, the front end of our Portal is coded in PHP for its exceptional scalability with secure conenctions from our customer sites.  Our new Isolated Payment Terminal that offloads handling of sensitive card data is being crafted in PHP, as well.

As well, we worked with IBM and Zend on the porting of the Open Source Mantis Bug Tracker to use the DB2/400 database.

"The study found that PHP has evolved from its origins as a specific use language, and is now actively used to build applications of all shapes and sizes. Nearly half of enterprises use PHP in their business integration applications, while 64 percent use PHP in external applications and 62 percent use for internal apps."

No surprise, Zend PHP is enjoying huge interest from "System i" shops.

And our good friend, Timothy Prickett Morgan, Editor at IT Jungle, an AS/400-specific publication, adds quite a bit of background and valuable, first person comments in his article - One of the most interesting observations realtes to the use of SQL:

"The database portion of the survey brought some surprises. For starters, 43 percent say they're running MySQL, the open source relational database from Oracle that is just the second database officially supported by IBM on the platform. While Oracle ceased developing MySQL running on IBM i a few years ago, Zend works with a company called Percona to do the work of ensuring MySQL continues to run on IBM System i.

But even more surprising is the fact that 67 percent of survey respondents say they're running SQL with DB2 for i, and only 37 percent say they're using the older DDL query engine that was originally developed for RPG (survey respondents could choose multiple databases). That tells Anderson, a database expert, that IBM System i shops are getting serious about modernization."


Click HERE for Report on Zend Adoption in the Enterprise