Stumbled on a forum post that was lauding the benefits of JetPayi5, purportedly "free" credit card software for the IBM AS/400, iSeries, and System i, that I have watched for may years.

Responeded to a blatantly commercial (and a little inaccurate) post by someone about JetPay, and respectfully addressed the issues and contrasted it to our commercial software.  Was just informed that MY post has caused my removal from the Group since I addressed a product that was a sponsor of the admin's site.  I quote: "You cannot comment on the Easy400Group about a software owned by the site sponsor."  So, read it here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The web interface and other products on the web site are absolutely excellent.  CGIDEV2 is legendary in performance, and the rest of the offered software is really great stuff.  We have the highest respect for the products and efforts of the managing technician, as he has been a true gift to our platform.

... We are a vendor of native software for the AS/400 System i. The paragraph on JetPay is mostly accurate, except for one statement.

"The software is given free because it is being paid for by principal members of the major card companies."

THe card companies do not ever "pay" anything to anyone. The only one who EVER pays for ANYTHING is the merchant. As a merchant, you pay for everything that you get in the rate that you pay. 100% of anything an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) or acquirer (the one you contract with for the processing service) provides you is paid for in the fees you pay for processing. Nothing is free, and the card organizations are NOT benevolent.

With JetPay you do keep your bank, but the reality is that ALL processing networks will deposit the proceeds in the bank of your choice. That is called the "merchant deposit bank" and any bank can be designated by any network.

Our software, which is funded directly by the merchant, supports ALL of the major auth networks. The primary benefit is that you, the merchant, can SELECT the ISO or acquirer who provides the best rates and support. If you accept a "free" software, you become a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE for that acquirer. Whatever they want to charge you will have to be acceptable, since you have such an investment in the integration and learning curve. Once the original contract expires in a year or two, you would be in a poor position to easily switch acquirers.

Since our software supports the major networks, and hence, the vast majority of ISO/acquirers in the US, you integrate once and can use ANY network you choose. We even will allow you to change networks once a year for free, and we do the complete configuration and testing, then deliver it.

And what about cards on file? If you keep cards for returning customers, for credits, and for recurring billing, what do you do if you left JetPay and wanted to take them with you? With our software, YOU own your own data, and can use it with any network.

If JetPay is the best acquirer and really has the best rates, there are networks that they support that our software ALSO supports. So if JetPay is the best acquirer, or Chase, or Bank of America, or First Data, or your local bank, our multiple certifications can support any of them. In fact, our software can support multiple simultaneous networks so you have the flexibility to use multiple acquirers to support multiple business divisions.

Our entire organization is dedicated to developing and supporting mission-critical software. SO, unlike JetPay, who does, we work hard to insure that you pay the LOWEST rates possible, since YOU are our client. We insure that you populate the transactions properly and process them with the ideal transaction types in the most timely manner. JetPay has no incentive to help you with that, as they get paid for every downgrade that a merchant has.

While the JetPay software does have the API to talk to them, it does NOT have the administrative functionality of our software, so there is much additional work for you to do to track the activity and handle the settlement reconciliation. Our software provides exactly what you need for easily reconciling your settlements against your bank deposits.

And so far as speed and capacity, JetPay cannot provide faster or more capacious transaction speed than the major US authorization networks. They can match it at best. The networks we support are responsible for the vast majority of traffic in the US, and are used by the largest merchants. Response on an auth is typically under 3 seconds, regardless of volume. For instance, one of our favorite networks, with whom we are a "Gold" Partner, is TSYS. They are the largest processor of merchant acquirers and bank credit card issuers (#1 for credit card issuers and #2 for merchant processing in the United States). TSYS processes over $1 trillion a year in credit and debit card transactions.

Given the relatively low cost of our software, and the affordable Annual Support, you will save more on your processing than you invest. As the pre-eminent vendor of software in this space, we can assure you that we have quite a convincing story and literally HUNDREDS of glowing testimonials.

Lots more to talk about, but I think you see that a thorough investigation of available software is well worth the time. "Free" is generally worth exactly what you pay for it...

And, by the way, Curbstone's software is PCI PA-DSS validated, specifically. JetPay's is not, though it is generated by a company who is a PCI "Service Provider Level 1", and falls under that umbrella of being PCI-compliant. And, you may have guessed where this is going... Curbstone is ALSO a PCI "Service Provider Level 1", so we have exactly the same security certifications as JetPay, and even PayPal or any of the authorization networks. That is on top of our explicit Payment Application audits that we VOLUNTARILY choose to perform... You will find our "PCI Implementation Guide" to be excellent in the implementation of the software, and the unlimited implementation support (included in the license fee) to be superb.


So after the response that my reply was unacceptable, I responded...


Understood, and I respect your position.  I apologize, and did not intentionally violate your rules.


However, in my defense, the post I responded to was an absolute and unabashed commercial for JetPay.  My response was no more commercial, and absolutely more objective, than what I was responding to.  Because of that, I felt comfortable posting, and am very surprised that my post is less acceptable.   


You say it is limited to “ provided software” and it would seem that JetPay does not fall in that category, either…  And, our native API can be used with CGIDEV2 even more easily than the JetPay API – I have run and analyzed them both.


Worse, it had misleading info, and I only addressed the most egregious statement.  How do you justify that post while banning mine??? 


You might consider these ADVERTISING PROMOTIONAL statements, some of which are blatantly untrue.  The untrue ones are bolded red:


You can use your current bank, and

rates are usually lower than most gateways.  

Most  companies that have  used this can download  it and be testing  in  a  few hours. 

You will not have to change banks,

this is sponsored by MasterCard and Visa and etc.

There is no middle men to go through. 

No software to buy,

the software is compliant and audited by the onsite auditors,

and it listed in VISA compliance list. 

You do not have any maintenance fee,

none of the people on Jetpayi5 have ever had to change any code ever, there is no maintenance on your part.   
Other software does not connect directly to the big card companies, it goes to preprocessors, then  TPP processors. 

Since this is sponsored by the principal members of the card associations,

it goes a direct route, thus making the request faster, higher volume, and a lot lower rates.  
So if you need the speed,

the reduced interchange,

and free software

maintained by the  card associations principal members, 


Everything is bold is either skirting reality, blatant marketing BS, or an outright misstatement.  My own qualifications include writing the First commercial credit card package for the AS/400 in 1993, building a company and taking it public based on that business, and starting another company, Curbstone in 2002, which has over 3000 Merchant IDs processed.  We are the only company listed on the IBM site in their System i Roadmap.  Believe me, I know this subject.


My post VERY respectfully outlined significant things to be aware of in selecting a processor, which I though was educational and non-confrontational.  I was proud of my restraint in not addressing blatantly misleading info. 


Regardless, I do apologize and will be more diligent in the future.  Please know, I meant no disrespect.

Having responded to that, I do see that JetPay is a sponsor on your site.  Do you more sponsorship positions available, and if so, at what fee?


Ira Chandler
President, Curbstone Corporation
Technical Services - 888-844-8533