When Curbstone was looking for replication software that would work on our Blue hardware, we knew we did not want to wind up Blue.

Initially, to guarantee the replication speed we required for immediate failover, we wrote our own replication.  We were not Blue, we were happy.  We had two stacks of gear that were redundent, and when failover happened, the data was always on the second system.  All was well. 

Then we decided to add a third stack, and while it worked, we wanted more.

The HUNT was on.  We looked at the several excellent HA/DR backup and replication products.  We pored over the features, support and costs, and one clear winner emerged.

Find out who...

iSam Blue, from Robert Seal, had everything we needed.  We tested and the speed of replication was virtually instant.  We had control of the replicated objects.  The role reversal, critical for our failover from primary to secondary, was smooth.

"iSam Blue has taken IBM i HA’s complexity and pushed it under the covers. We replaced complexity with simplicity. The use of single step configuration and processes has made iSB-HA the easiest HA product to use and understand."

So, we are now running iSam Blue.  Normally, we do not expose commercial products we use, other than IBM Power Systems and IBM i operating system.  In this case, our results were so impressive, we are compelled to share.  While many names loom large in our vision as we look at HA/DR, we thought this one should be publicized.

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