Up Verifone Creek?

For Verifone Payware Transact customers:  You have a BETTER option than you expect...

Just call 888-844-8533 to get moving again.

Curbstone has better than just paddles

Just call 888-844-8533 to get moving again.


Verifone says Payware Transact has reached its end of life, and its listing as a secure software at the PCI is expiring!

verifone Payware Transact expiration - end of life - replacement


Just call 888-844-8533 to get moving again.

You DON'T have to choose between loss of PCI compliance and the serious limitations and high costs of a gateway ...

You DON'T have to give up control of your payment processing and abandon your bank or acquirer --- or your right to shop for another ...

You will NOT be forced to hand over control and ownership of your customer data to a third party, to be left behind if you should seek better service or pricing ...

And you will NOT be required to invest in the development of a new, single-purpose API in order to retain the seamless integration that you have enjoyed for years!

Curbstone CorrectConnect (C3) offers every benefit you enjoy today, including native software, seamless integration, and reliable operation.  And it also offers benefits that you’ve wished you could have:

  • A software partner dedicated to the IBM midrange since 1993
  • Advanced, proven technologies that can exclude your entire existing infrastructure from PCI scope
  • Products from the author of the software that Verifone bought to create Payware Transact
  • 24x7 support from a dedicated team of experienced, US-based RPG Programmers and Project Managers
  • A deployed product, under aggressive development, which is upward-compatible with your existing API!
  • Storage of sensitive card data offloaded from your system, but without giving up ownership of that data
  • Eliminate the risks and costs of PCI non-compliance while improving security
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and workload required to achieve, maintain and document PCI compliance
  • Simplify and strengthen payment card security

Just call 888-844-8533 to get moving again.