If you sell to CORPORATIONS or the Government, business to business, B2B, likely you accept credit cards that are Level III (level three) Corporate Purchasing Cards

These are intended to allow the merchant to submit a complete line item detail report automatically AS PART OF THEIR SETTLEMENT.  This is intended to be used by the card-holder as an electronic after-the-fact Purchase Order to document what they bought.  Consider it the equivalent of an EDI 850 transmittal.

Since the card-issuing banks want their cardholders to get the most benefit, the card brands want to encourage you, the merchant, to fill in the line item detail.  They encourage you... 


  1. How do you know it is a Level III card, as they are not visbly labeled?
  2. What if the line item detail is simply not available directly from your Odred Entry system?

Curbstone has the solution.  Skipping the details, with Curbstone C3, you can avoid the costly downgrades from NOT providing data you likely did not know you were missing.

One long-time Curbstone Customer just added our optional support for Level III.  This manufacturer, in one day's batch of transactions, had 32 that qualified at the Level III compliance rate.  Their Interchange - base - rate fee would have been $2203.48.  With Curbstone's solution, their actual fee was only $1379.06 since all the transactions qualified for Level III.

That is a savings of $824.42 - FOR THE DAY.

Contact your Account Rep at Curbstone for details on how you can save money on your B2B receivables!!