Curbstone software handles the PCI security audit log requirements for card data that we manage.

BUT, do you comply with the PCI security requirement for logging all file transfers  done outside of Curbstone that contain card data?

Our friends at Linoma have a mature, compliant solution in GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) software.

Simplify PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer

PCI compliance requires that data is secured both at rest and in transit using proper systems and procedures within the organization.

Healthcare organizations and business associates using GoAnywhere™ can achieve these goals with the additional benefit of saving considerable time for IT staff.

The GoAnywhere managed file transfer solution streamlines transmissions for healthcare including:

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Data transfers to payment providers
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Billing data exchange with trading partners
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Coordination of customer updates with outside providers
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Records collection from billing services
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Payroll file transfers with banks

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GoAnywhere MFT™ is a managed file transfer solution which streamlines the exchange of data between your systems, employees, customers and trading partners. It provides a single point of control with extensive security settings, detailed audit trails and reports.

GoAnywhere MFT's intuitive interface and comprehensive workflow features will help to eliminate the need for custom programs/scripts, single-function tools and manual processes that were traditionally needed. This innovative solution will reduce costs, improve the quality of your file transfers, and help your organization to comply with data security policies and regulations.

With integrated support for clustering, GoAnywhere MFT can process high volumes of file transfers for enterprises by load balancing processes across multiple systems. The clustering technology in GoAnywhere MFT also provides active-active automatic failover for disaster recovery.

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"GoAnywhere is very powerful and easy to use. It gives you the ability to consolidate all your communications protocols and various processes into one application. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great MFT solution."

Dave A.
Data Acquisition Developer,
SPS Commerce, Inc.







"We had a requirement to send PGP signed/encrypted files to our trading partner via SFTP. We downloaded a trial of this software and basically had everything configured and working that same day!"

Jeffrey E.
Consultant Programmer/Analyst,
Silveredge Consulting



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