Interactive VOICE Response is a big deal.  It can assist in your eliminating attack vectors for card processing, and can improve accuracy and throughput.  Our friends at iMessaging Systems have a fine solution that we have been associated with for many years.

Designed specifically for IBM i for Power Systems, iVoice IVR delivers an easy to use API toolset to develop IVR applications independently without reliance on a vendor.

This simple, yet powerful API toolset provides developers with the all of the tools to create IVR call flows while working in familiar languages like RPG, COBOL, PHP or Java.

One of the COOLEST features is Automatic Speech Recognition: With Speech Recognition callers may "speak" to the system, rather than using the touch-tone keypad to interact.  Speech Recognition enhances the caller interaction with a more natural and conversational user experience.

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Your developers focus on what they do best...application development and iVoice handles the low level telephony integration services.

♦  Reduce costs and enhance customer service
♦  Extends hours of service to 24/7
♦  REALLY easy to learn
♦  Operates with any telephony environment
♦  Runs natively on IBM i
♦  Offloads repetitive calls, so personnel can focus on added-value interactions

iMessaging Systems, Inc.