'Tis the season! The budgeting season....when lots of folks need to figure out their security priorities for 2016.

Patrick Botz:  "Over the years I've refined a repeatable process to guide my clients to a more effective, strategic allocation of IT security resources. In discussing budgeting challenges with Patrick Townsend recently, he asked if I would share my process with his customers via a live webinar."

In this 1-hour webinar, IBM i security expert Patrick Botz joins Patrick Townsend to outline the framework he uses to assess his clients' security environments and to identify security priorities.

By the end of this webinar, you will know the questions you need to ask as well as how to organize your thought process to effectively allocate budget dollars throughout all four stages of the IT security management process:

1. Defining your policies
2. Enforcing those policies
3. Preventing and detecting potential threats
4. Measuring the effectiveness of your security process

Join us to kick start your planning process and to help ensure that your security plan encompasses the projects that most efficiently achieve your organization's goals.

Hope you can make it, but even if you can't, consider registering so you get access to the recording after the event.

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